Curiosity Piqued

I’m a spanker and I love spanking but there are other things that I find interesting as an observer – things that turn me on in one way or another in the larger BDSM world (and beyond).

Spanking is my thing. Let me take a woman across my lap for a bare bottom spanking and I’m more than happy. I like other things as well like strapping and caning that work for me as well. It’s all about the disciplinary headspace.

Recently, while surfing the net, I came across a few clips of a video that featured various kinds of BDSM along with sex. OK, I admit that I was browsing lesbian themed videos but many of them come across as so similar that they seem mundane. What I really liked about the clips I saw were things like face slapping or one woman having another crawl on her hands and knees or the fact that what ever was being done by one woman to the other, it was portrayed as a combination of non-consensual and consensual. I’m a sucker for lesbian porn so the fact that it was two women was that much better (a nice combination of two of my kinks).

The other thing that was interesting to me was that even though some of what was acted on screen had the veneer of discipline, the combination of the discipline with unadulterated sex was an interesting combination for me. In the kink I practice, the discipline is the road that turns me on – that’s what gets into my head. Other than with Sandy, the discipline does not translate to sex so it’s interesting in a kinky, voyeuristic sort of way to be a passive participant watching something like the video I saw.

For some folks out there, the two things, spanking/discipline and sex are combined and they are able to comfortably engage in whatever they choose. Because the discipline vibe in my head is often of a paternal or authority figure nature, the sex (other than merely being turned on) is jarringly inappropriate when I’m playing. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it when I see it – especially when it’s two women in a video.


3 Responses to “Curiosity Piqued”

  1. Victoreally Says:

    Now you’ve piqued MY curiousity. Can you give me a clue on what video you were watching?

  2. Good question. I’ll track down that info.

  3. Hmmm…I happen to love lesbian porn too! But then again – I also love kissing girls….weird connection? lol

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