Another Travel Day

On the way home from SF today and am sure I need a vacation from the vacation (which may be what work will seem like this week). Fortunately, there will be an OTK Night at Paddles this coming Saturday which will allow me to shed any taint of tourism still lingering in my soul for some good old fashioned spanking debauchery. I hope a lot of folks come out because I will definitely need to spank three different people that evening (other than Sandy).

Anyway, it’s off to the airport and the Jet Blue flight to JFK. Episodes 6-10 of Season One of Heroes will be viewed to while away the time.


4 Responses to “Another Travel Day”

  1. Welcome home!

    Sounds like a recuperation day or 2 may be in order.

  2. Recuperation? What’s that? I have to go to work tomorrow.

  3. Sounded like you had a great vacation! Don’t work too hard now that you are back.

  4. You’re home! You’re coming to OTK night…Yay! I think that I’m going to do my darndest to be there…as long as the universe doesn’t screw up my plans.
    Hope to see you and Sandy on Saturday night.

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