A Little Party Last Night

Spent the day exploring Haight St., Golden Gate Park and the Ferry Terminal (as well as using the Muni transportation system in SF). Spent last night at a scene friends house with other members of the Secret Society™ for an impromptu dinner and play party.

Had fun last night hanging with people I’d not seen in a while and meeting new ones. Like I said before, it’s interesting how scene people are so welcoming (for the most part) because of the perceived kinship. Got to spank two naughty girls, one of them my wife (who also got the wooden frat paddle across the jeans…hard).

One thing that came up while we were sitting around talking was prompted by me wondering when Sandy and I would be on the outs because of the fact that we are pretty much friends with a wide swath of scene people. For example, is a day going to come when we apply to go to a party like FMS, Shadow Lane or Crimson Moon and we are told that because we went to such-and-such’s party (a person the host does not like), we are not going to be allowed to go to this particular party. My initial reaction might be, “What are we? In Fourth Grade?” Ultimately, however, there would be little I could do about it.

Now, things like this happen in the scene – I hear about it all the time. In New York, I know of a few cases where a person attending one event it banned from another because the two hosts don’t get along. I can’t imagine a sillier circumstance than this (nor one more counterproductive to keeping a group going) but I can’t deny that it happens for whatever reason.

Although Sandy and I do our best to stay out of the politics of the scene, it’s probably inevitable that something like this will happen. At least I’ll have something to rant about on my blog.


2 Responses to “A Little Party Last Night”

  1. What are we? In fourth grade? lol. Amazing how adults act like kids soooo often. We don’t ever really grow up.

  2. A large group/club is obviously more dynamic than a small one. They take so much effort to create and maintain. From what I oberve, most of the clubs aren’t very big. If someone’s actions are perceived to be threatening to lower membership, then the organizers may feel threatened. They are acting out of worry – maybe it’s not immaturity. They aren’t turning away overflow crowds.

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