What I’m Thinking About Right Now

Yes, there are lulls at my job when I’m waiting for the lazy and shiftless people upstairs to send me the orders I need to work on. This gives me time for…thoughts.

By now I’ve made it quite clear that I like role play as well as giving real life disciplinary spankings. I’ve mentioned how difficult it can be to do lots of role play sessions in a row especially when it requires me to jump from character to character and try to do it convincingly. One thing that popped into my head was this: What would it be like to do a role play between two people that lasted longer than a single session or scene?

Now, along with the general role play I love to do is the specific Daddy/daughter variety. I know that some folks are uncomfortable with this sort of thing but we’re not talking about you, this is my fantasy. I imagine starting the role play on a Friday night after work and running it through the entire weekend. Two people playing Daddy and daughter with no break in character and no behavior outside of what would be expected of the real deal (albeit with a slightly more spanking related bent). That would mean no intimacy outside of the normal Daddy/daughter relationship (i.e. No sex), homework, chores, weekend outings and spankings for misbehavior. The goal would be to sustain the facade as long as possible without break.

I’ve just intrigued myself – and by “intrigued”…well, you know.


22 Responses to “What I’m Thinking About Right Now”

  1. I’m thinkin that, with one’s regular partner, there would be some spectacular sex when the role play is concluded.

  2. You might think that. I could not possibly comment.

  3. What can I say? I must have a dirty mind.

  4. Sounds hot to me– especially if there were a “sister” or two involved– or depending on the top’s taste, a “brother.” Or a friend who’s spending the weekend. It’s too hard to find ways to get in trouble all by myself…

    Laura–a dirty mind? Perish the thought!

  5. Wow! I think that would be incredibly challenging, but well worth the effort if it could be pulled off. Now I’m “intrigued” … 🙂

  6. Indy: There’s an idea. Dad let’s daughter have a friend over for the weekend. Hijinks ensue.

    Red: The challenge would be SO worth it…

  7. I like this idea too. I don’t think you could pull it off at a SL party because there is just too much going on but if you could get a guest or two for the weekend, it would be fun!

    Indy, are you ready to go to NY? Of course I would be the “good” sister, the perfect child and you… well.. you would be yourself…bratty and incorrigible but OHHH so much fun!

  8. carolinegrey Says:

    Interesting! I was just saying to my partner the day before yesterday that someday soon we should do something that falls into that “extended roleplay” concept for us. We don’t have a D/s or really D/d relationship, though from time to time the spankings edge closer to “real” for real life things (things I didn’t do on purpose to “earn” a spanking.)

    I told him that it would turn me on to do a period of “Zero Tolerance”, maybe a weekend, where he was very strict and I got punished for every possible infraction, at his discretion and within our limits, he’d dish out whatever punishment he decided on, and I’d have to take it. We would keep some sense of reality about it, it’s not like I’d be spanked for wearing a shirt in a colour he didn’t like or something silly like that, but any real-life infraction (things I really do all the time like forgetting to shut the door, or turn out the light, or whatever) would be subject to discipline. I realize this skirts close to some people’s real lifestyle, and I don’t mean to be frivolous about that, but it would really do it for me, to not break character, and to have to actually struggle to “behave” under that regime.

    It’s not something I would want to live with every day of every year, but it would stretch our play and my limits, and I’m really excited by the possibility.

    I mean, “intrigued.”

    And so is he.

  9. caroline: I don’t have a DD relationship with Sandy (aside from certain things) but it might be interesting to do it for a weekend as a sort of kinky vacation. I don’t think I could sustain a relationship like that 24/7 but done as role play it might be interesting.

  10. Sounds interesting… when do you think this might happen?

    P.S. when will the girls get here? We ARE having a slumber party!

  11. Any slumber party will have to be strictly controlled. And I do mean “strictly”.

  12. Role play that lasted for an entire day or over a weekend? Now that’s my idea of fun!

  13. We have Daddy/princess weekends. And yes, we do Daddy/princess as pretty much our default, but a full on weekend is very different than our daily routine.

    On the other end of the spectrum we have full-control weekends (more like Master/slave but we don’t use those words).

    On the other hand, I had an absoutely wonderful ongoing Papa/Mama/sister/sister roleplay with a few incredibly dear Shadow Lane friends. We basically kept up the roleplay between us whenever the four of us could get together, from one SL part to the next. Very, very fun.

  14. funny brat girl Says:

    Slumber Party at Rad & Sandy’s? I’m SOOO there!! *weg*

    ~maria fbg~

  15. maria: No jumping up and down on the bed. I don’t need the insane bastard downstairs to finally go ballistic and start shooting through the floor.

  16. Aww Rad if we were there I am sure we could take him out easy. Or he would just get taken away by the men in the white coats. LOL I think that would be fun to do at the slumber party. *WEG*
    Kiss kiss have a happy

  17. Lynn– sounds great– and it’s only a 13 hour drive! I particularly look forward to watching you pretend to be the good sister for an entire weekend, ROFL. That will require some serious acting skills on your part! As for me, incorrigible, maybe, but I prefer the term “mischievous” to bratty. 🙂

    Sandy– are you the daughter or the mom in this slumber party?

  18. funny brat girl Says:

    I would definitely NOT jump on the bed….torturing you would be much more fun…wanna play 20 questions? *weg*

    ~maria fbg~

  19. Maria: I don’t take games like that seriously enough because my questions are always things like “Is it an elephant?”, “Is it a piece of moldy chocolate”, “Is it the Bottled City of Kandor”, etc.

    Who’s tortured now?

  20. Am I the daughter or the mom? Are you kidding? I ain’t gonna be in charge of this group! That’s Rad’s problem!

  21. Sadly, I play a widower in charge of unruly girls. The mother, who tried to keep it together for years, finally packed her head in C4 and detonated it after jumping into the Hudson River. The ensuing underwater explosion disturbed a long dormant sea creature but that’s another story altogether.

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