I read Erica Scott’s blog on occasion and especially enjoy her Correspondence Hall of Shame – those emails that are, let’s say, less than classy (or coherent). I often hear from women in the scene about these undesired and often indecent proposals. I don’t often hear from my gender.

Have an email address and online presence long enough and you will eventually get not just spam but strange emails from people you hardly know. Have a blog and you’ll also get the odd comment that you can’t quite figure out. These sort of emails come mostly from men towards women. Society generally says it’s OK for men to be as aggressive as they want – a message women are not given. Combine that with what I think is some genetic disposition toward aggressiveness in men (and lack of filters) and you have the perfect recipe for bizarre and disturbing emails.

As a Top, I find that I don’t get propositioned in quite the same way. On occasion, a bottom will say something that I find has a touch too much sexuality or even possessiveness but if I let it go without comment, it passes and that’s that. I don’t think I’ve ever had to tell any woman that they were getting too aggressive with emails or other comments – I guess I’ve been lucky enough to know decent people with a clue. Not sure how I would react if I got an email that was as over the top as I see some that are written by men. Laugh it off I guess.

I’m not saying that there are not aggresive women out there. I’ve heard of a couple of cases like this but certainly not to the insane lack of inhibition that I’ve heard about coming from my gender.


6 Responses to “Propositions”

  1. I’m not aggressive enough for you Rad? Sheesh! lol

  2. Barb: In all honesty, you don’t make me uncomfortable. Some of the stories I’ve heard from Sandy and others about the aggressiveness of certain people curls my non-existent hair.

  3. I figured/hoped I didn’t. I have calmed down a ton since I got a hold of my amazing top…..just what I needed.

  4. Barb: Congrats and enjoy the ride.

  5. I recently read a post from a guy promising to “spank you to tears, if you will host…” Now that guy is scary. I mean, friendship leads to trust, trust leads to all sorts of things. I don’t worry about people I know.

  6. BadDog: There’s nothing wrong with spanking someone to tears as long as that’s what they want. Promising it in such a blanket way is a bit much.

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