If At First…

OTK Night at Paddles, postponed due to some sort of tropical storm thingy, finally took place yesterday evening. Strangeness all around.

It was “Wife Night” for me, played with Sandy a couple of times and no one else. We had two sessions, one disciplinary and one “just because”…yeah, just because I felt like going hard.

The disciplinary one (for attitude issues) was rolling along. A spanking over dress and various layers down to bare bottom. This was followed by a wooden paddle – one that stretches across both cheeks – and some scolding. Then the strangest thing happened. While I was scolding, Sandy started arguing with me about some of the reasoning for the spanking. That in itself wasn’t strange, what was, though, was that darned if she wasn’t right. I had no retort so I stopped. The spanking was over because I couldn’t argue with her – in my mind, she was right. Sure I could have continued with the spanking anyway (and she was asking me to) but the realization that some of my punishment logic was flawed knocked me out of my disciplinarian mindset. Epic fail of headspace. I told her we needed to take a break so I could recharge those batteries for later.

Paddles had a weird vibe last night – I’ve seen it before but Sandy pointed it out to me. Sort of a depressed and desperate feeling surrounding the club’s patrons. Lots of people just sitting around looking “forlorn” and not seeming to want to play with anyone. Normally, I’ll play with a couple of people other than Sandy at one of these nights but not last night. Not that there weren’t a couple of people I wanted to play with but the mood just did not feel right at all.

However, after a little break, Sandy and I were back at it for another session this time for no other reason than because I felt like it. I had her bend over a padded horse in the upstairs section. I started with her fully clothed and spanked her with my hand followed by the wide leather strap. I did this for each layer down to skin, alternating hand and strap. We attracted an audience. After I was done with the strap on bare bottom, I took out a narrower strap that we got at a tack shop in Colorado (very cheap) – lots of nasty sting with that one – and then a dense wooden paddle. That was followed by a small flogger – one that has the look of something some “slavemaster” would hang from a belt in Roman times (or in a Gor novel) for quick access – gave it to her on the ass and back with that one. I ended things with a nasty (NASTY!) plastic bath brush. Held her down across the horse with an arm around the waist and gave her some really hard strokes, alternating cheeks until she was screaming. Good headspace was achieved before we stopped.

All in all, not a bad night even though the atmosphere of the club was a little bit off.


6 Responses to “If At First…”

  1. OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh! Sounds fabulous….

  2. Oh, that sounds… so enticing. Joel is asleep. He would be SO mad if I woke him, maybe he’d spank me hard.

    Not really, he won’t spank when he is really angry, which is a good good thing.

    Ah well, it can wait til after football.

    And in something totally off topic, we are getting record rains here in Chicago and the rest of Ike is bringing another 2 inches. Fortunately our basement is dry. There is weather all over. Speaking of weather, do you think that could account for the “mood” of the others at the club last night?

  3. Laura…get him good and mad BEFORE football…..you’ll be sure to get something you enjoy! 😉

  4. You know, I see that periodically at APEX. I don’t know what it is either, except sometimes bad things seem to happen to folks in waves. I’ve had to give condolences three times this week for people who lost someone close to them. Usually I try to get lost in a scene myself to cope.

  5. Have talked to spankees about an unjustified discipline spanking before, and some have said it wouldn’t be a big deal. They’ve gotten away with stuff before and this would just be evening things out. But yea… while it still might work for them… I’d fall into that ‘headspace error’ category too.

    Will say this though… there is a talk before any discipline spanking I give. If there is a good point to be made, that would be the time to make it!


  6. Too busy all day to answer some of your comments but I’ll give it a go now.

    Barb: Fabulous it was.

    Laura: Enticing, eh? I’ll keep that in mind.

    Wednesday: I suppose that many bad vibes converge and sort of create an atmosphere.

    Todd: I could have continued and was tempted to try but the headspace interruptus got in the way – luckily I was able to pick up where I left off later in the evening.

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