The Enthusiastics

Are the terms describing us interchangeable for you or do you like some better than others?

I admit to using the word “spanko” a lot when describing myself as a participant in the spanking community. However, I do know of at least one case where the word makes this individual cringe. I really don’t see it as a pejorative or a bad word.

For me, spanking is a fun pursuit – something that is an added bonus to my life that turns me on. Sometimes it’s more “serious” than at other times but at its heart it is something that brings me pleasure. Spanko is not just a shorthand way of saying what I am in a general way but also a term that also says I don’t take myself that seriously. Spanking is good, dirty and pleasureable for adults to engage in but it is not earth-shattering in its importance (although it does make the earth move for me).

I’ve heard people use the term “spanking enthusiast” or “spanking fetishist” when describing what we are. I’m sure somewhere out there there are “spanking practitioners”, “spanking engineers” and “spanking devotees” as well. Although “spanking enthusiast” is somewhat popular as an alternative, it always brings to mind someone wearing a tweed jacket holding a pair of binoculars and looking for the horn-tailed Egyptian swallow right before a servant brings him a watercress sandwich.

I really don’t have a lot of concern what people call themselves – it’s their choice after all. I prefer “spanko” for one more reason – it’s easier to remember, say and type. Try texting “spanking enthusiast” in less than 30 seconds – a pain in the ass.


14 Responses to “The Enthusiastics”

  1. Your a spanko and myself a spankee or silmply a little brat :)…that´s easy and I like it the easy way, so don´t bother..:)

    Kisses Apple

  2. And ascots. Spanking enthusiasts must wear ascots. They can double as restraints.

    Spanko doesn’t bother me. Like you said, it is brief and to the point. Spanker and spankee are good, spankette, a rarer used word annoys me because it sounds like a bit girl scout or something. Afficiando is as bad as enthusiast. Fan? Follower? Disciple? The all lack snap.

    I’ll leave this for the rest of you to figure out. It’s perfect sleeping weather here in Chicago and bed is sounding quite good.

  3. My good man, there is no need to cavalierly dismiss those of us spanking enthusiasts who thrill to the sighting of a new species of ‘Red Rumpous’ in the urban landscape. It is a tribute to the tracking skills honed through careful observation over many decades that the true spanking enthusiast can determine which of the masses of females in varied plumage will in fact be the elusive ‘Red Rumpous’ seeking a partner. A true spanking enthusiast mimics the social behavior of the females until he/she is certain of the status of the targeted female. It is then, only then that the spanking enthusiast drops the blind and reveals the spanko within. If correct, the ‘Red Rumpous’ will shortly be very grateful and express her delight by placing herself over your knees to facilitate making her desires come true.

    So I say to all spanking enthusiasts, happy hunting and make sure Jeeves has the Land Rover warmed up; you never know where the ‘Red Rumpous’ will appear.

  4. I like spanko. I think it’s cute and isn’t so serious sounding.

    I know someone who likes to use the term “spankophile”. That word just sounds too much like it belongs to the world of academia and it is going to have all the fun and life sucked out of it.

    The word that really bothers me is “subbie”. I just can’t stand it. It comes across as condescending and demeaning to me. I know some people like it, but definitely not me! I always equate spanking as being something uplifting and joyful for the inner self not something that is pushing you down.

  5. I’ve heard so many words for so many things bandied about and argued that I just end up using whatever comes to my tongue. To me, if the two people are on the same page about what they are doing and it adds to their lives that is all that matters.

    Wednesday–In search of the even rarer male red pantaloon domesticus disciplinarius.

  6. Like I said, I personally like “spanko” because it’s short and not too serious. Although I have to read Brian’s comment a few more times – he might have something there.

  7. Spanko has been ruined for me because of the Spankoz website. His was the first that I saw using spanko. His politics are horrible – he offered excuses for the Bali bombers. Enough said there.

  8. I try to keep politics out of my spanking and vice versa.

  9. I took Spankoz as Spank-oz (as in Wizard of Oz)… not spankos. lol, who knows. Like you though Rad… who cares. Wouldn’t let politics ruin a word that seems to be well understood within the community.

    Thing about labels though, is they really don’t save any time. “I’m a spanko” only gives a vague idea. There is something about spanking I like. That’s it. Beyond that, we’re going to have to sit down and talk anyway.


  10. carolinegrey Says:

    I’ve always twitched a little bit at “spankos” because it sounds a bit like “sickos” in my head. It just sounds more perverted than it is to me. It’s a little thing and it doesn’t really bother me. I don’t like it when people say “players”, because I have gangsta playa references in my head. Here on the other side of the pond, many spankos are also “schoolies”, which obviously denotes those devoted to school scenes. I am, but not exclusively. All schoolies are spankos but not all spankos are schoolies.

    In short I have never found a term I really like. I tend to default to “spanky people”, which I’m not happy with either, because it sounds kind of cutesy.

    Picky picky picky!

    Tod, your last paragraph sums it up so well.

  11. caroline: In the long run, they are all merely labels. Although I normally despise labels, they are convenient for shorthand.

  12. Not sure if already mentioned, but my fav is “spankosexual.” Rolls off the tongue nicely, too.


  13. TVisiting , should get the facts right , Spankoz Australia has never “offered excuses” for any crime against humanity , including Bali . End of story .

    On another tack , there is now a Spankoz Blog , .

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