An Opportunity To Say Hello

I wanted to write another meta article about this blog but thought it might also be a good time to welcome the people who have started coming here since the last time.

So far Radspace has been moving along nicely and somewhat according to my original plans. I’ve been putting up at least one article a day since June and I’m quite proud of my ability to do that. Some posts have been better than others but the reality is that they can’t all be gems. However, sitting down to write on a regular basis was my goal so that’s something.

I’m also glad that a good number of people write in the comments. I look at each article as the germ of a discussion not merely a declaration of my thoughts. The comments have often been insightful and have brought different perspectives to the articles they are attached to. I want to reiterate that I want people to convey their thoughts here and make this a more dynamic place for me and the readers. I don’t want you folks to think that you can’t disagree with me – if you don’t see eye to eye on a particular subject or have another way of looking at things, let me know in the comments. I might actually learn something every once in a while. I will never delete a comment unless I think it is overly hostile or insulting to someone else who reads or writes here. Any insults towards me will be treated more leniently because I might find it amusing that I got under someone’s skin enough for them to sling mud.

I’ve been asked to do more RadRadio pieces but that’s been on the back burner while I’ve been trying to come up with a theme or area of focus. I did not want them to be one more “celebrity” feature – there are enough blogs out there that interview actors, writers, directors and artists; I really don’t think I could add anything different in that area. Instead, I’ve decided to interview people in the scene – the rank and file of the spanking community, so to speak. I’m far more interested in what the average person thinks and I hope it might be something many of you might be interested in as well. Over the coming weeks and months, I will try and contact people and see if they are willing to submit to a short interview in person or via telephone and see if I can’t come up with something both interesting and informative.

There you have it for now. I thank you all for coming here on a regular basis to read Radspace – I really appreciate the kind words you’ve given me about what I do as well as the criticisms that have helped me try harder.


19 Responses to “An Opportunity To Say Hello”

  1. You say all of your blog entries cannot be gems, but I disagree. I have enjoyed every one. I look forward to checking each day to see what you have said. For someone who has been active in the scene for a long time, I really thought everything that could be discussed had been discussed to death. Apparently not so, and what a great thing that is. Many times, I have thought throughout the day about things I have read here, and eagerly shared my thoughts, ideas, and questions with Floyd when he came home. It has led to some really wonderful, thoughtful, and enlightening discussions here. I am so glad you made the decision to write something every day.

    I also think your idea to interview the rank and file of the spanking world is a great idea. There really are so many variables in what we do that the interviews should be fascinating.

  2. Hello Rad,

    It is a pleasure to read your posts and I think they are a spank above the normal blather. 😉

  3. Dawna and Brian: Thanks for the kind remarks.

    I am going to try and get a few of those interviews done as soon as possible – hopefully something will come of them.

  4. I think you have a good blog going here. I know I look forward to reading whatever it is you write. I like your view points and like hearing what you have to say. Keep it up!

  5. Mary: Thank you – hope I can sustain the output.

  6. I’ve just recently found this blog and it has quickly become one of my favourites. I love that there are intellligent posts with very thoughtful and intelligent replies. It’s incredibly interesting and I am glad I stumbled across this blog. So thanks!

  7. Iggy: Welcome aboard and allow me to add you to my blog roll.

  8. Rad….you know I love your blog…..and I love your input….and your advice….and your wisdom… know….all that. Keep it up…i need it.

  9. Rad I am glad that you have continued writing. Each entry you write makes me think…and again look at what I think. I feel free to agree or disagree and more importantly to learn from you and from the others who respond too.


  10. I’ve also just recently stumbled across this blog, and I’m glad I did. Its excellent quality stood out immediately! Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in to make this such an engaging read.


  11. I do read your blog every day–it is definitely a favorite. You inspired me to start one of my own as your posts often kick off a tangent in my mind. You’ve given me much to ponder already and you do have a gift for pointing out social themes that is right up my alley.

  12. Rad, I love reading your blog. I may not respond to everything but I do read it everyday.
    Kiss kiss have a happy!!

  13. Rad, I have enjoyed your blog ever since Bonnie featured it as one of her “new kids on the block”. I look forward to reading your posts every morning with my 1st cup of coffee. I also enjoy your comments on our blog, they are always welcomed.

    It’s also a delight to now know you personally (although my backside might have a different opinion *evil grin*). I know you write for your own benefit and we get to come along for the ride. But the effort is much appreciated.

  14. Know it’s not easy to write everyday (or almost everyday) about anything… nevermind a topic as narrow as spanking (when compared to, say, “politics” or “sports”). Hats off on the effort, Though we haven’t been reading long, we’ve been enjoying going back to older posts… and have that while they may not all be gems… there isn’t a petrified turd in the bunch!

    lol… we kid. Have taken something away from everything of yours we’ve read. Don’t know that a writer can do any better than getting his readers thinking.

    Love the idea of interviewing the ‘spanko in the street’ too. Always enjoy hearing about different models and all, but do always wonder how much of what they say is spin designed to create an image. Would be great to hear from regular spanko folks.


  15. roissyfille Says:

    A lot of people have already said what I wanted to but just to let you know that I really enjoy your thoughtful & smart blog.

  16. I really don’t know what to say other than “thanks” for all the nice comments. I’m glad so many enjoy what I do (as I enjoy the work of the other bloggers who comment here).

  17. carolinegrey Says:

    Late to this (was in florida for the week leading up to the FMS party) but I really love your blog, as should be obvious from my epic comments. I’ve been reading spanking boards etc for what seems like ages, and it’s always the same tired discussions. Only just getting into spanking blogs, but this is my fav so far. I come here to read thoughtful things both by you, and your commenters, some of whom I’ve come to think of almost as guest hosts, their comments are so informative…it’s like the NPR of spanking. In a blog.

  18. Thank you, caroline. I often think of myself as the NPR of spanking but don’t really voice that conceit. I would also consider myself the BBC of spanking but that would be too conceited for me to admit right now.

  19. carolinegrey Says:

    All in good time, Rad. All in good time.

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