Correction To Previous Article

I admit my mistakes and I made one in the article below.

If I had any brains at all I would have not gone from memory and just checked what Dawna had asked. The truth is that she did not want to know whether punishment spankings worked but if it was possible to give spankings like this in a public setting like Paddles.

Here is my quick answer: I think they are entirely possible as long as the two people involved can “tune out” the rest of the room. At Paddles, there is a lot of noise but there are little nooks and corners of the club that are somewhat secluded if not completely private. As long as the two people are focused on each other and on what they are doing, even if people are watching from ten feet away, then any punishment can have its desired effect.

Sandy and I have found that we can both force the rest of a room to retreat until barely noticable. It doesn’t hurt that we are both exhibitionists which makes “performing” in front of a crowd that much easier.


7 Responses to “Correction To Previous Article”

  1. Do you get anything in return for your “exhibition” from the audience?

    Have you met exhibitionists who have crossed over into production?

  2. TVisiting: I get nothing in return other than a bit of excitement from doing it and positive remarks from onlookers.

  3. I take tips.

  4. The other thing is to let the DM know if the scene is going to be particularly intense or may have the strong appearance of nonconsensuality (I am assuming that there will be consent!)

    I feed off the energy of the crowd myself–and I have done a couple of discipline scenes in a public dungeon.

  5. But sandy, cane tips hurt!

  6. Concentration, focus, tuning out the world, damn! No wonder this is so hard for me. I think discipline is such a headspace thing for me, that it never occurred to me I could do it in a public setting. I’m going to have to work on that.

  7. It will not work if some yo-yo walks by and yells, “Spank her butt harder, Rad!” But if other people can just see that we’re sort of doing a more serious scene and not make goofy comments, I can get into the right headspace.

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