Paddles Tonight: Weather Permitting (Updated)

There’s a prediction of heavy rains today and tonight but Sandy and I will be braving it to go to OTK Night – hopefully some of you will be there as well.

I might have decided to blow it off if not for the fact that Sandy needs a good long trip across my lap for her increasingly late nights and non-existent bed time. I told her the other day that we’re going back to the 11:30pm bedtime (which I think is quite reasonable and fair). Anything later than that earns her a punishment of my choosing. Yesterday I gave her about half a dozen with a replacement inner tube for a bike and another half dozen or so with a think electrical cord. Both items left nice marks and elicited the proper reaction when connecting.

Anyway, I’ll find a nice corner away from most prying eyes so that I can give her a good punishment.


The weather sucked balls but we decided to go anyway even though the OTK Night was postponed until next week. The club didn’t open until 9pm and the crowd was sparse but that only meant we had more room to play. I gave Sandy a good hard spanking, strapping, flogging and paddling as soon as we got there. We hung out afterwards for a bit, watching a BDSM video featuring copious amounts of dildoing as well as watching a hard scene that was taking place on the little riser/stage up front. Much noise was coming from the “schoolgirl” who was engaged in extremely non-school sanctioned beatings.

We ended the evening with 28 strokes from three different canes which left Sandy and I satisfied that the evening had been a success. It certainly helped get me out of my post-party blues.


15 Responses to “Paddles Tonight: Weather Permitting (Updated)”

  1. Do you have to bring your own tools or are there rental canes available?

    And how ‘exposed’ can a person be versus at a venue such as SL?

    Do either of you play with others at Paddles?

  2. Brian:

    1. They do have a variety of “tools” available for those who do not bring their own.

    2. Although not as private as playing in your own room at SL, there are certain nooks that at least allow one to keep a healthy distance away from onlookers. Obviously, you can be on the main stage and put on your own show as well.

    3. Both of us do.

  3. I was reading the Florida Moonshine’s site last night. I just don’t think I want to play in public. I would like to be friends first and although sharing an interest in spanking, it is not a major part of my life, only a diversion. For instance, if you and Sandy plan on returning to Florida I’d like to meet for lunch and talk about the world in general. I don’t have an interest in spanking someone I’ve never meet before and know nothing about. To me I think spanking and sex are much closer together than most people in the scene tolerate and I’d want to touch and play combined with spanking. That appears to be a big no-no from what I’ve read.

  4. Brian: I don’t know if it’s so clear cut as, “…I think spanking and sex are much closer together than most people in the scene tolerate…” Different people have different attitudes towards spanking and sex that are fine for them. As long as any two people are honest about what they want and who they are (including marital status), I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but their’s what they do in private.

  5. Aw if I’d have known you guys were coming anyway, I’d have stuck around and gone! Glad ya’ll had fun.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time in spite of the rain! *yay* Good job!

  7. Kate: OTK Night will be on for next week so come on out.

    bella: Yes – it was quite fun and something we both needed.

  8. Glad you both had fun.

    I would be interested in a follow up blog or comments about discipline in a public setting.

    We have no privacy for serious discipline at home, but have had a “we don’t do discipline at parties because it is too private” rule for a few years (every since Floyd destroyed my bottom at a SL party a few years ago in the name of discipline…deserved but still unfortunate timing).

    Having little privacy at home and not doing major discipline at parties becomes problematic. At that point, where can you do it?

    Can you two really get into the discipline headspace at a public venue? It is an interesting concept to me, and one we will have to work out eventually. I am interested in how it works for you.

  9. dawna: I’ll make it an article all its own later this week – I’ll ask Sandy to add her two cents as well.

  10. carolinegrey Says:

    I’d mention to Brian that it is totally normal and accepted to go to parties and not play, but just “get to know people”, as he said. It can be a sort of very extended munch, and provide opportunities to begin friendships over a longer period of time than a single evening. All without raising a hand to anyone or being over anyone’s knee.

  11. Thanks Rad and Caroline for your viewpoints. Without ever attending a party of any kind, reading the blog posts always makes it seem like it’s all spanking all the time. Nor am I overly fond of bratting as a means of play, I see that all day long with customers at work. 😉

  12. carolinegrey Says:

    While I can certainly “brat”, I restrict it to people I have some previous relationship with (even if it’s only a few hours old), who I know find it to be an acceptable means of opening a role-play. I’d never spring it on a stranger at a party. I introduce myself as a normal, articulate adult, albeit with a gleam in my eye.
    I don’t know about all parties obviously, but there has been an impressive amount of lounging and chatting (and snacking!) at all I’ve attended. Now that I’m in a spanking relationship and getting a lot of play there, I’m less pushed to cram a lot of spanking into a party or weekend, and just as happy to spend down-time with spanky people I like. I do play, but it’s not the only part, or even the majority part, of my experience.

  13. Caroline you mean you have a ‘gleam’ instead of a ‘spank me’ sign around your neck. 🙂

  14. carolinegrey Says:

    Brian, I’ve been known to wear both. 🙂

  15. Be still my beating heart Caroline. 😯

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