SL Diary: Get Away Day

OK, here’s the scoop on the past two days worth of activity as seen through my jaundiced view.

Saturday started in the typical groggy fashion. Sandy and I stumbled downstairs to the Seattle’s Best coffee shop for some caffeine and a muffin. My appointments were for later in the morning so I did not have to rush but Sandy was going to some gathering of women that morning (don’t bother asking me the fancy name assigned to it) and had to get ready for that.

Let me tell you a little bit about my appointments namely that one should never wish for something because they might get it. I’ve talked about loving to do role play and how I get into character from beginning to end. I had five or six sessions like this during the weekend where I, in effect, had to use the Stanislawski Method. Whether it was “Dad”, “Teacher”, “Principal”, “Federal Agent” or Last Survivor of Krypton, I had to reach down into myself and really give it my all not just in the physical but in the mental. Extremely satisfying scenes but tiring especially when done one after the other.

After the many spanking sessions of Rad, I relaxed for a bit before the banquet – then it was shower and put on the brand new black Calvin Klein suit (complete with black shirt and dark purple paisley tie). I have to admit, I would have had sex with myself I looked so good (and have over the years whether suited or not).

The banquet itself was what I expected food wise but was a little lacking in the impromptu entertainment section. All I can say is that a cappella singing really does little for my digestive system especially when done in the key of Z minor diminished.

After the banquet it was time for the late suite parties and two (count em) scenes that Sandy and I did with different couples. Both of them were pretty darn good and hit all the right markers for me – it was also good getting to know people better or just meeting new ones. After the parties ended, we spent a little time with a small group down at the casino bar where one bartender seemed to have trouble putting just Diet Coke in a glass (what I ordered) and we eventually went to bed utterly exhausted.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with some friends even though one of them (someone who will remain nameless except for the fact that she has a plethora of rules) accused me of “breakfast cheating” because I was having coffee downstairs. There is no such thing as breakfast cheating – it’s not a cheat, merely an enhanced pre-breakfast libation.

Decided to push back all my sessions to the evening while Sandy and I (plus two others) went to see Hoover Dam. Very interesting and awe inspiring (plus the old Art Deco design of the architecture was very cool).

Came back, had dinner with about ten people at some fancy version of Crapplebees near the hotel. Then it was back to the last night of parties, more spanking sessions and a little gambling before bed.

An aside about my gambling: I like to sit at a machine and watch the thing spin. I must pick em right because I’m often walking away with a hundred here and two hundred there. I think I may have made money again this year. I am a slot machine maven.

So now I’m packed and getting some last things together for check-out time. Our flight is this afternoon and gets back into JFK around midnite.

Some final thoughts tomorrow.


10 Responses to “SL Diary: Get Away Day”

  1. Whatever money Rad won equaled the amount sucked out of my wallet… actually, I only lost about $120 but it was a sad state of affairs.

    I second that this was one heck of a party, and I’m glad Rad got to play so much. We are so sad to have to leave now… (pout)

  2. So glad it was fun for you both. Kryptonite? Really? lol.

  3. Sounds like a fantabulous time. Just the teeniest bit jealous. Snif… Sniff, sorry, I have something in my eye.

  4. You sound like one of these rock and rollers who complain about the rigors of the tour.

  5. I had a fantastic time at the party. Thank you Rad and Sandy for your part in my great time! This party was a whole lot more fun than the last one. I met lots of new people and played a great deal more.

  6. Oh and I’m glad you got out to the Hoover Dam. I really enjoyed the tour when we went, even tho the smart ass ranger giving the tour joked about only being behind 6 inches of concrete rather than however many feet it was. Forgot about those art deco touches. Now I want to go back.

  7. You were cheating! I stick by my accusation. I caught you – coffee in hand and all. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  8. Jules: Total crap! There was no breakfast cheat going on assuming such a thing exists at all.

  9. You were caught and now the shame and guilt come into play. It’s okay – you’re forgiven. Go in peace and sin no more.

  10. Jules: Your absolution is not asked for nor accepted and your authority to grant these things non-existent.

    Now run along and be lively.

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