SL Diary – Day Two For Me

The official start of the Shadow Lane party was on Friday but my Day Two was filled with spanking people that I like spanking, the Vendor’s Fair and a magic show…and lollipops.

The day began with breakfast at the Café Sienna right off the casino floor. Luckily the air blows outwards because there’s nothing worse for me than trying to eat when people are smoking nearby and I think gambling and smoking go hand in hand for some reason. Met our new friend D for your typical morning fare – her partner G was sleeping off the tired from the night before but Sandy and I did get to meet him after we left the restaurant.

I took a quick trip over to Target for various items. I’ll tell you this, valet parking is the best. Not the kind you have in New York where it seems to take three hours for the valets to get your car. The folks at the Suncoast really hop to it. From the time I handed in my ticket to when I got in my car was literally less than two minutes. Awesome. I was off to the store and back in plenty of time for my 11 o’clock appointment to administer some well earned discipline.

After that was done (and what a good time I had), I got ready for my next appointment at 1pm (another good one if I must say so myself). I skipped lunch considering the fact that breakfast was a big meal – I figured I’d just have food at the Vendor’s Fair considering the fact that Eve always makes sure there’s a good spread. Went down to do some gambling and felt fortunate to break even. Then it was back upstairs for a little entertainment.

Magic Steve, who skillfully combines sleight of hand, mentalism, humor and spanking, put on a nice performance in Crowe’s room. The performance was highlighted by Uncle David’s great lemonade and the ubiquitous Spirit who once again transformed herself into the lollipop fairy. I had two at a time and was plenty sugared up.

After that I made a quick trip to Target again for a shirt to wear that evening and to try to figure out a pantyhose purchase for Sandy. Luckily, my friend Susan went with me and she was able to decipher what I’d been asked to buy and rescue me from the two women who were wondering what I was doing hanging out in the pantyhose section touching everything.

Got dressed in our red, white and blue themed outfits and made it to the Vendor’s Fair to get our name badges and to be officially welcomed to the party. There were not as many vendors this year as there were last year with the primary absense of the London Tanner crew and a couple of video companies that didn’t quite make the trip (including Punished Brats). However, Sandy and I did pick up a couple of implements including this thing called the Thumper which looks sort of like a foam padded truncheon. I’ll take Sandy’s word for it that it is thuddy.

After the fair it was a couple of more very good appointments for me to provide spankings to two more people I love playing with and the late Friday suite parties. It’s fun to watch people have fun spanking or just relaxing in the company of good people. Sandy and I got to bed around 2:30am totally exhausted but certainly ready for Saturday’s activities.

More to come…


7 Responses to “SL Diary – Day Two For Me”

  1. sounds fun doll……

  2. Valet parking is a good thing!

  3. Rad,
    It’s so awesome that you are blogging this! Sounds like a blast!!!!!

  4. Barb, Laura and alona: Yes to all of you.

  5. Sounds like you have a new plan of action for this SL party that is working out quite well. Glad you are having fun! Wish I could take part too.

  6. Sounds like both of are having a great time. 🙂

  7. Hello, i like your blog. If you like we could ecxhange links betwen our blogs.

    Please, let me know!!!

    Best Regards.

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