SL Diary – Day 1.1

The 4 o’clock appointment went well – my first of the weekend (and certainly not the last).

There’s something about taking over half of a Mexican restaurant and filling those seats with boisterous spanking party goers. The Brad announced gathering took place at Señor Miguels right off the casino floor at the Suncoast. Food was great and the company was great – reconnected with many people I’d not seen in a while and met some very nice new ones who were both amused and shocked by my sense of humor.

Afterwards, Sandy and I took a drive over to Vons (the store that saved my life after my death march) and picked up some water as well as other sundry items for the many parties of SL that will be attended. Back to the room to get freshened up and then off to see who is gathering where.

Even on the eve of the SL party, it sometimes gets to be a blur who I’m meeting and what room I’m in. I know that Todd and Suzy threw a gathering where I spent most of my evening. But then I was off to one of the bigger suites on the tenth floor – whose room it was I have no idea. Just hung out for a bit, talked and connected with people including a few of my Friday “appointments”. Then it was off to claim some well earned sleep before the real madness started the next day.


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