SL Diary – Day 1.0

Went to bed way too late last night and got up way too early this morning to get it all together for our trip to JFK.

The car service picked us up promptly at 7am. After a quick ride with our talkative ex-UPS driver, we got to the US Airways terminal in plenty of time. For those unaware, there is now a fifty pound limit on your checked luggage. Anything above that incurs a fifty dollar surcharge. Outgrageous. I was sweating bullets and was ready to pay the fee because my suitcase weighs a ton. It’s a hard-shell Samsonite bag and weighs a lot just by itself. I popped the thing on the scale and waited: 47 pounds. I never get that lucky. We pretty much breezed through the TSA security check and waited. Oh, and I was able to find a Sony Memory Stick at a reasonable price in the terminal (cheaper than Staples).

The flight wasn’t too bad although the seats were narrow. The plane had a First Class section which the rest of us shlubs were forced to walk through so we can get a glimpse of how the better people live. Fortunately, the flight was made bearable by the flight attendent’s flirting with me – I think his name was Herman or Frederick or something. He seemed to be quite fond of my haircut because he kept talking to me about it while I was waiting for the bathroom.

Our flight actually left a little late but got in significantly earlier than the scheduled time – I don’t know how they did that. We made our way to the rental car center only to see a line about thirty people or more deep for Dollar Rent-A-Car…obviously the cheapest rates. I waited for about ten minutes and said “screw it”, walked away and did comparison shopping from booth to booth. After showing a little of the Ugly New Yorker, I found a reasonable price at Advantage. The trip to the hotel was quick although the Garmin had no idea a particular road had been built and kept telling me to make a “hard left”.

Made it to the Suncoast and met up with Brad in the lobby and got our room.

Next stop, I have to meet someone at four for a certain activity and then it’s time for group dinner. Hope they don’t kick us out.

More later…


2 Responses to “SL Diary – Day 1.0”

  1. I have yet to meet a person in first class who has exhibited an attitude. Most consider themselves fortunate to have enough disposable income to overpay for a ticket, or to have managed to convert their premium points to a better seat. [There you go, getting down on yourself 😉 ]

    Look at the bright side – you have enough $$ to fly all over America just to spank someone.

  2. Have fun……wish I were on your spanking list this weekend…lol

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