SL Diary 0.5

It’s the night before we leave and it’s all about last minute packing and getting things together.

I’ve fastidiously printed out boarding passes, confirmation numbers and directions. I’ve also taken the liberty of entering the address of the Suncoast Resort into my Garmin just in case it decides to actually aquire a satellite before I arrive at my destination. I called the cab and they’ll be picking us up at 7 am for the trip to JFK.

Most everything else is taken care of. Picked up my new suit and packed it away along with shoes. Got my haircut right under the wire of closing time at the Russian barber shop. They like me there because my haircut is easy (Number 1 all the way around) and because I tip big – like nearly 50%. When a big Russian has a straight razor to your neck, you tip him big unless you’re looking for the special Albert Anastasia haircut next time (oh, look it up…Wikipedia is your friend).

All my gear is neatly packed in my carry-on (just a knapsack): laptop, various rechargers, Garmin, a thumb drive just in case I need to transfer 2GB of data between computers and my PSP. Just my luck, my Memory Stick didn’t arrive on time so I’m forced to play my Final Fantasy without being able to save my game. Perhaps I can find a small one for sale at one of the airport terminal shops.

To Be Continued


5 Responses to “SL Diary 0.5”

  1. See you Friday, Rad – if not tomorrow! Hugs to Sandy and you!

  2. Thanks for blogging the party, Rad. I can’t be there, so it’ll be fun reading about it as it’s happening.

  3. Have an excellent time. Good travels. Happy beatings.

  4. Have a nice time and a comfortable flight 🙂

    Kisses Apple

  5. I know you will have a wonderful time. Then maybe you’ll come back and we’ll figure out when we all can join you for a wonderful time on the East Coast!

    Hugs to you both. Tell people we miss them, and to give all my spanks to sandy!

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