It’s Corner Time

No, no…not you. This is about corner time.

It’s one of those things that bottoms seem to either love or hate. Some enjoy it for the headspace it provides, others probably find it either boring or too humiliating. Whatever the emotion from that side of the equation, I have to admit that I like getting a person I’m giving a disciplinary spanking to stand in the corner.

Before I actually started in the scene, I was a person who just fantasized about spanking. But all the time I was thinking about it, I never once considered corner time as either titillating or anything but silly. I’d look at pictures of women (or men) standing in the corner after a spanking and it would do nothing for me. I even had a couple of videos where the spanked person is told to stand in the corner – I remember laughing the first time I saw it. I would write spanking stories and corner time would never be in them.

Then I started doing. At first it was just spanking and more spanking. I widened my horizons as much as I felt I wanted to and explored other things besides spanking. In the end, I came full circle to my original fantasies of spanking a naughty girl or woman for something she’s done wrong. That works the best for me. I also discovered, much to my surprise, that I enjoyed giving out corner time. I don’t know why that happened or what caused it but I found that I really liked that aspect of a discipline scene.

If I had to put my finger on the reason, I’d have to say it has a lot to do with control. Making someone do something they wouldn’t normally do, something as artificial as standing in the corner, provides a certain “intoxicating” headspace for me. Corner time is forcing yet another child’s punishment onto an adult and enjoying the view of them accepting it. Watching a person I’ve just spanked standing there, especially when they are trying to be totally still, really feeds into the Toppy part of my personality. It also provides lots of opportunities to continue getting inside someones head. I can just leave them there. I can get really close behind them and continue scolding when all it is is a presence and a voice. I can end the punishment there or wait for a while before continuing with the spanking. It also makes for a nice breather for both people to mentally process what’s going on.

So corner time is not just a contrivance but something that can add a lot to my own enjoyment of a discipline scene.


14 Responses to “It’s Corner Time”

  1. I hate corner time…..

    Kisses Apple

  2. I have never experienced corner time

  3. I feel pretty much like you do, Rad. Never quite understood it until I started giving it out. It can be pretty powerful.

  4. Apple: It’s obviously not for everyone but can be a necessary evil.

    Barb: You never know till you’ve tried it.

  5. Corner time sucks.

    Ok… I have to give you that in role play, it does help the headspace and emphasizes that you indeed are in charge and the Top.

    But it still sucks.

  6. Corner time for me depends on the person I am playing with. There have been a few Tops where corner time really puts me in the “zone” Others when they try it I just want to laugh at them.
    When the scene is long and the mood is right corner time will give a nice break for my bottom but still keep me in the head space.
    Kiss kiss have a happy!!

  7. Corner time obviously is not for every occasion just like it’s never good to have one set way of playing regardless of the person you’re playing with.

  8. I see it as a necessary evil as well. I hate it. I think that’s part of what makes it work as punishment. It’s unpleasant, and memorable, much like a hard spanking or other form of punishment.

  9. Your paragraph on reasons you like it touched on all the aspects that make cornertime work for me. I can’t say I like it, but I like having it done to me, if that makes sense. It really does depend, though, on the who and why. I can stand in a corner and snicker for a couple of minutes during casual, fun play, but there are other times when I wouldn’t dare.

    Depends on the headspace and scene. And the Top.

  10. Joel isn’t a corner time fan. He feels it’s a great loss of spanking time. For me, when it works, it’s fine. When it doesn’t, then it feels silly. So much of it, as already mentioned, as a lot to do with the headspace the top creates for me.

  11. Laura: It can be silly if not done in the correct context but everything about what we do is silly if you think about it. The headspace we create makes it something special.

  12. I used to hate the idea of corner time – but now it’s a break from spanking; a time to regroup and think about why I am where I am; and a really powerful headspace. I love it when a Top I don’t think will use corner time does – It just resonates with me.

  13. If a sub may leave his opinion here:

    I absolutely adore corners. (I’m a middle-aged male) I always have a domme put me in the corner. I’ve tried a few times to stand in the corner for vanilla women on some pretext, but they always embarassedly begged off.

    Once I was at an S&M evening party. I was stark naked. I took it upon myself (because I wasn’t there with anyone nor hooked up with anyone at the party) to simply go over to a corner in a prominent place, and stand there still, face and body pressed to the wall, for thirty whole minutes.

    So, bring on those corners. That’s my favorite punishment.

  14. steve: Not only “may” you leave an opinion here, you just did. Thanks for the good and thoughtful comment.

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