Color Barrier?

Why does it seem to me that there are not a lot of African Americans in this thing of ours?

I have yet to get a decent answer about this. Are less black people into spanking? Are they more uncomfortable coming out in a predominantly white scene? Or is it something else? I’m not quite sure but honestly I wish it would change.

I will now admit to the fact that I’ve had a “thing” for black women ever since I was young. It probably has to do with seeing Pam Grier and Tamara Dobson blaxploitation films in the 70s. Of course, the kinky freak in me always imagined spanking them (among other things). As I got older I took notice of this actress or that model and fantasized away.

Before I came out, I used to see the occasional black actress in some spanking video but finding ones with them was not that easy. When I got into the scene, I was surprised that I didn’t find a wider range of ethnicities that might even approach the percentages in the overall population. Black women especially seemed to be missing. Even a party like Shadow Lane doesn’t seem to attract a very large number – are they not joiners or uncomfortable about joining? I don’t know.

If anyone has an explanation for this, I’d like to hear it.


12 Responses to “Color Barrier?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No explanations, but my hubby’s favorite fantasy after 20 + years is an African American man spanking me – and then doing “other things”. I don’t know why it’s such a turn on for him – but it is…just like I don’t know why there aren’t more people of color in the scene – although maybe they are – but just not with us?

  2. I think there’s a whole subgenre of amateur porn that revolves around husbands watching their wives have sex with black men.

  3. From what I can read on the web, the amount of participants in even the largest party seems to be measured in the dozens. And how big would they be without the Internet?

    This is too small a sample to try and figure out questions like this.

    What did Masters & Johnson and big researchers like them find out?

  4. DDon: You’re probably right about the statistical iffy-ness of the sample size. However, it doesn’t stop me from wishing it were different.

  5. DDon34: except for Shadow Lane – one we were at had about 300 people!

    I suspect there are multiple reasons. Part of it is simple percentages, and part of it is just you see different groups of people doing different things. There are plenty of different ethnicities represented on ALT. Spanking is a small niche, and it takes time for people to feel comfortable coming out. It probably took time for different people to start figure skating too.

    You can always recruit some…

  6. Dolly: As far as recruitment is concerned, my ex (who is black) would make an unbelievably popular Domme if she were so inclined. Sadly (for the subbie guys) she isn’t.

  7. Interesting. From a very early age I had fantasies of being spanked by large black men. I have no idea why, but who knows where any of our fantasies originate? It still stands today that, when I see a muscular, good looking African-American, I go weak at the knees and immediately wonder what it would be like being over his knees.

    I have no idea why the small numbers, so I can’t offer any solutions. Word of mouth, I guess …

  8. In my travels through the catacombs of the internet I have come across several sites dedicated to spanking black girls, but my own, personal observation is that the darker a girl’s skin is, the less you see rosy red marks. And personally, the rosy red marks are a huge part of the turn on.

    That obviously offers no explanation regarding the dearth of dark skinned spankers.

    Maybe we should just submit ‘spanking’ to the Stuff White People Like site (

  9. Constance and all commenters: I continue to have no answer.

  10. I have to agree with you Rad. I have not seen many black ladies that are into the scene. I have been to two shadowlane parties, several scony parties and paddles and it is rare to see a black female sub at the party. I am a black male and I have had the oppurtunity to spank a few black ex-girlfriends. They were vanilla but strangely after I gave them a spanking they would always try to upset me on purpose so that they can be spanked again. By this I noticed that black ladies are a little more shy to show their bodies. For instance whenever I go to a beach I usually see black ladies wearing a one piece bathing suit and some of them even have a towel wrapped around them most of the time at the beach. However the white ladies are usually wearing a bikini or a thong and they seem more carefree in showing there bodies off. I am a bottom man and I just love spanking a women with a big bottom. And let’s face it black women have some very nice big bottoms. There bottoms look like they was made just for spanking. LOL I noticed that their are a lot of black female doms but not that many female subs. Could it be that black girls do not wish too show their assets off, like at the beach? I have some other thoughts and suggestions about this subject but I have to go right now, my next door neighbor is knocking on my door.

  11. Eric: Is it possible that some ethnicities have a lower pain threshold than others?

  12. Intresting point Rad. I have heard that ladies who are red headed have a very high threshold for pain. I heard they can take a serious spanking. But I have spanked a few black ladies very hard and they seem to always want more. A couple of them used to spread there legs wider while across my lap so that I can spank them harder between their cheeks. I remember asking Eve from Shadowlane what is her opinon on why they are few black ladies at the parties in vegas? She said it may be due to finances. Since black ladies may have lower salaries they cannot afford to go to parties out in vegas. I could understand that because I have noticed that their are a lot of single black mothers out there and going to a spanking party out in vegas would not be high up on their priority list. But then I think about the parties at scony in nyc and I’ve noticed that there is rarely a black lady sub at these parties and a scony party is far cheaper than a shadowlane party. Maybe black ladies don’t know about the various spanking parties going on around America. I think we need to start advertising in Ebony and Jet magazine to get the word out. lol But to get back to the original question that you ask Rad about why there is so few black women within our scene? One reason could be that within the black culture black children are on the receiving end of spankings/beatings for disciplinary reasons than white children. And when a black lady grows up she may not wish to remember those harsh punishments she received as a child. I remember trying to spank a black lady who was vanilla and I was testing the waters to see if she was into spanking. And her answer was she was spanked as a child way too much and she does not wish to treated like that as an adult. But to be honest with you Rad, I don’t know if there is one good reason or answer to that question but it is something that is always on my mind. Hopefully one day I will find the answer.

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