Real Punishment

I’ve heard lots of bottoms talk about their real punishments and how they are not the same as play spankings because they are not fun. Here’s my view from the other side.

The other day I had to give Sandy a hairbrush spanking right before we left for work as punishment for being late the previous morning. I walked into the bedroom with the hairbrush in my hand, put my foot on the bed and threw her over my knee giving her a couple of dozen very hard whacks over her jeans – as hard as I could do it. Thinking back, it was a bit of a turn on but not at that moment.

My mindset when I was doing it was that I was giving her a punishment for something she had done wrong. It wasn’t sexy or hot or any of those things when I was doing it. The same way that bottoms talk about punishment spankings being unpleasant is the way I felt. Maybe “unpleasant” isn’t the right word. I felt mad that she had been late again, disappointed that she had gone back on her word to be on time, determined to make her feel my displeasure with each smack. I was in the headspace of someone who is punishing someone – as authentic a headspace as is possible for me to achieve.

Having given a punishment that was as real as that one, there were no play spanking acts offered – no “aftercare”, hugs and it didn’t lead to any sex. This was pure punishment.

I can’t say that moments like this happen that often. Most of the time between us, the discipline aspect of a spanking, caning or strapping is somewhat contrived and has a lot more of the feel of being foreplay than punishment. Those spankings are meant as pure turn-on for the two of us and the headspace I feel during them is not as strong as the one I feel when I’m giving a real punishment.


8 Responses to “Real Punishment”

  1. Who are you kidding? You loved it!

  2. I’m not kidding anybody because I did enjoy it. It’s just that the headspace was different than it is at other times.

  3. I agree Rad and Sandy. I’ve done a few of those punishments and the aura is completely different.

  4. I have never had a pure punishment spanking. Hmmmmm

  5. Barb: It’s not as fun as it sounds… believe me.

  6. It is a scary and almost sobering headspace. We tried a few times to get there. Once we did… I think we decided that we didn’t want to visit often.

  7. I believe you D…that’s probably why I’ve never done it ! lol

  8. Pure punishment is just that – punishment. But I have to have the forgiveness and the hugs afterwards, otherwise I still feel like I’m being punished, and that just makes me feel bad.

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