Friday Follies: The Traveling Road Show

It’s not nice to mock people but I never said I was nice.

The Shadow Lane party is less than a week away and I’m conditioning myself. Not for physical activity or to toughen up my spanking hand but to be able to cope with seeing what I call the Traveling Road Show. This is the person who has so many implements that he (and it’s almost always a he) literally needs some sort of wheeled vehicle to bring them wherever he goes. I guess it’s good to be prepared for any circumstance or occasion at the drop of a hat but are fourteen different kinds of paddles really necessary all the time?

Sandy and I may carry a small bag to the club with different tools of the trade and I did buy myself a nice faux-leather tube case for canes (can’t let the authorities see me walking with those in the street), but that’s about it for us. Neither of us really has a need to take every width of strap or floggers made from penguin foreskin or whatever.

My conditioning regimen consists of watching YouTube videos of Home Shopping Network on-air disasters. If I can stop from laughing at those, then I won’t burst into guffaws when a guy walks by with the top of a tree sticking out from a golf cart.


12 Responses to “Friday Follies: The Traveling Road Show”

  1. Oh god Rad…this is what I will miss most if I don’t get to go. Truly. haha.

  2. Some of the airline restrictions will curb some of this. When you have to pay for your first suitcase and then pay more for your second even the most hardcore roadtrip dude will translate baggage fees into implements purchased and leave the second suitcase of fun at home.

    I had a spanking friend visit once who brought a suitcase filled with paddles. And basically he did show me each one and tell me who made it or how he got it. They all looked nearly identical. I have no idea how he could tell them apart.

    And since this is bonus Friday… I will also tell you this. Same man had a tshirt of great sentimental value that he wanted to show me. Only problem was one of the cats had used said shirt in place of the litter box. That was apparent when he pulled it out of the suitcase. He still really felt he needed to bring it to show me.

    Did I know how to pick ’em or what?

  3. I used to have sentimentality about objects until I started accumulating too many things – then my sentiment went right down the memory hole. I have certain implements that are favorites and that I like to use because I know they work. If I want to strap some, I have a couple of straps. If I want to cane someone, I have a few canes Etcetera ad nauseum.

  4. I am playing tonight and I’ve brought a hairbrush, small strap and bathbrush. That’s plenty. Too difficult to try to hide a cane if I’m going to work first. BUT, going to SL, I will pack one or two extra things. Anything that fits into my suitcase with everything else.

  5. Oh, darn, Rad, I was really hoping to get a thrashing with a penguin foreskin flogger!

  6. You mean your not bringing your tree trunk rad! Damn it! That really worked for me last time. Very headspacey!

    Seriously – I had a top open up a large rolling suitcase and dig through it for almost 10 minutes looking for some strap. I lost interest and walked away.

  7. Indiana, I about choked when I read your reply! Rad, good post, it is funny to see some of the things people bring along. Of course, I probably can’t talk, I did bring someone a leather fly swatter last year that I bought at the Indiana State Fair…..grins.. now how much more “hick” can I get than that!

  8. Perhaps a “penguin foreskin suitcase” is the way to beat second airline bag fees, just remember to rub the suitcase before filling it with all your stuff..

  9. Crafty penguins…what will they think of next?

  10. They only think of one thing. scooby scooby do

  11. ah the travelling paddle show…lol…..if a spanko needs a wheeled vehicle to move their toys around, woo man….heck, I just one thing, a measly hairbrush. *sigh*

    oh and the thing around my waist….

    Dave 🙂

  12. btw, I love this blog.

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