The Short List

Truth be told, I’d love to do everything with everybody. One big happy spanko family.

Now back to your regularly scheduled reality.

The other day, I wrote about a little schoolroom scenario that I fantasize about. OK, let’s say that I decided to put this scene together (FYI, I’m not) and put out a notice that I needed 12 female volunteers who would like to “enroll” in a class. Emails come in and I end up with a good number of people who’d like to play this out. Info goes out – “be there or be square” and all that sort of thing – and we’re ready to go.

Now, the selfish bastard in me says, “Mine, mine, all mine”. It’s my fantasy and I’d like to live it out in my own way. However, there is hardly any way to keep something like this a secret for long and pretty soon a flood of assistant principals, teacher’s assistants, custodial workers, groundskeepers, chalkboard inspectors and truant officers erupt like spring flowers ready to “help out”.

What does one do in cases like this? For the sake of community, does one say, “OK, you can come”, and include a couple of other Tops even though this was not your original plan? Certainly it would be necessary to inform any of the “schoolgirls” that other Tops would be there as well aside from the one they agreed to participate with. How does one put a number on the participants without ruffling a few feathers? Are the maladjusted feathers just tough luck for the ruffled?

There was a scene like this that played out at the recent FMS party. A couple of Tops were doing their schoolroom thing and I actually felt insulted that there wasn’t a provision for including other Tops in the mix. I can honestly say that it was something that really got under my skin. In retrospect, however, I can understand the logistical nightmare of including other and perhaps unknown Tops into the mix. If the people running the play scenario are known to these women, then they can choose to show up and participate if they are comfortable doing so. But if you include a couple of guys who are not known, especially after the fact, then it gets a little more difficult. What if the women that agreed to the scenario at its outset don’t want to play with this extra person? Does that make the whole thing uncomfortable for them as well as the organizers and this added Top?

These are difficult questions for me. I have a tendency to want to be friendly as much as possible. However, is it a necessity that some folks are going to have to be left out just because it makes no sense to include them?


19 Responses to “The Short List”

  1. I’ve played in both kinds of school scenes– the FMS one and a smaller one in which the various “staff” members completely outnumbered the “students.” The first was much, much more fun. Granted, having fewer tops wasn’t the only reason for that, but it made a big difference. In addition to the comfort level of having a known top (in this case, two), being able to watch most of the action led to greater anticipation and more solidarity with the other participants.

    I don’t blame you and the other tops for feeling excluded– I can certainly understand why you’d rather play than watch. Of course, quite a lot of tops seemed happy to do just that. I found it strange and distracting at first to have such an audience- especially when one of them asked he headmaster to move his chair so that they had a better view of the spankings, but after a while I didn’t really notice it, except as a laugh track.

    I guess you’d have to make it still more of a logistical nightmare and change classes, too. πŸ™‚

  2. Indy: It’s tough to feel excluded but in retrospect, there was nothing stopping me from having my own fun as well.

  3. Dear Greedy Bastard Spanker,

    Oh yeah. Laura’s usual I worked all night disclaimer.

    That by invite stuff is always a tricky path. I wasn’t really interested in the FMS classroom thing, but I was wondering how it would go if the student teacher ration was oh, 5:1 or more. Too much/not enough interactions or the loud brats getting all the attention and the meek quiet ones like Indy just being ignored.

    On the other hand, you get the Panty Raider portion of the gathering formerly known as the Brat’s Breakfast where 20 guys descend on a roomful of bottoms and the quality factor is out the window.

    I got it! Rad’s Room. Have students apply for scholarships. Why they should be so lucky as to qualify to attend.

    Nah, you want them all. hmmm.. Ok, I got nothing. I really just wanted to call you a Greedy Bastard Spanker. And I mean that in a totally good way of course.

  4. Laura: Thanks for the compliment.

    The reason I’m not arranging or putting on anything of this nature is because I have a low tolerance for bullshit. If I decided to do a Rad’s Classroom and asked a couple of other Tops to join, then I’d have to put up with all the ones who weren’t. If I have ten male friends and I choose two, the other eight are going to give me shit (or some of them will). Having gone through my whiny period about the FMS nonsense, I’ve burned it out of my system and have no room for it when it’s aimed at me.

    Honestly, there’s nothing worse than a whiny Top…nothing.

  5. Oh god……why does play have to be so hard? lol. I say do your thing baby and let the chips fall where they may.


  6. Why can’t we all just get along?

    Besides if the women are willing, then you should be greedy. It’s not like things will get out of hand with you in charge.

  7. Brian: Are you kidding me? With so many naughty schoolgirls things could easily spin out of control. For any scenario where it’s a dozen or more to one, I suggest tasers within reach.

  8. Perhaps ropes, silk ropes… with tassels to restrain such natural exuberance and thus provide the time and space needed to deal firmly with the truants. And of course a selection of gags, ‘pass the panty’ makes for a humiliating game amongst naughty schoolgirls.

    Best of luck.

  9. Funny – but I actually asked about this very topic in the FMS chat room prior to the party. I was wondering how all the other tops would feel about being left out. Now – as a female bottom I had a blast – and part of the reason was that the environment was so controlled with only two headmasters. Like Rad mentioned – opening it up makes a less secure situation for us gals. And just for the record – no one was ignored in my opinion. The headmasters did a great job of giving individual attention to all – another plus of the day.

    However – I will add that I was all decked out in my little school uniform and not one top asked me to report to detention when it was over. I figured after class was dismissed – some tops would take advantage of the situation and have some fun. Perhaps next year that’s something to think about Rad. I’ll be more than happy to flip you the bird, or light up a cigarette in the hallway if that will help get me to your office.

  10. jules: I thought the FMS event was a private, invitation only party – not open for people to attend as audience. If that was made clear, I must have missed it. My bad.

    As for your suggestion – I’ll definitely take it under advisement.

  11. Well hey! I have plenty more suggestions for you! If you want to schedule an appointment with me please see my secretary – Maria FBG – she keeps my date book.

  12. Oh wow! Jules is sooo naughty! I don’t think I would have the moxie, knowing that SL is ONLY a week away.

    Mr. Rad Sir…I would love to attend your class, should it happen in Vegas or in Florida.

    Just don’t seat me next to Jules – it’s very obvious that she is a Very Naughty Girl! (A VNG if you will!)

    See you in LV, Sir!

  13. Oh, I don’t know, Susan. I sat next to Jules at FMS and it was a blast! Besides, apparently, I even came across as a meek, quiet one. Must have been a relative thing πŸ™‚


  14. Oh, but Indiana – have you met Jules before FMS? I have previous experience with her – and she is…not what she appears to be on the surface? I don’t know how to say it properly…but Jules is one of a kind – in a VERY GOOD WAY!

  15. So one of my favorite tops was at his local party. And there were a couple of those whiny annoying badgering tops bothering a few of the women. Said favorite top kind of herded a bunch of the women to his room and proceded to have his own private party. The ladies enjoyed. He enjoyed. No fuss. No muss.

  16. Hi Rad. I think you did have some misconceptions about the schoolgirl scene at FMS. It wasn’t private, but there was a registration requirement for the girls themselves in order to keep the assembly from being way too full. The wording in the party literature read “headmasters Tony and Cameron will be holding the first Florida Moonshine Academy for Naughty Girls assembly”

    Last year the Headmaster demonstration was exactly that … a demonstration. This year it was expanded but it was still, in essence, a demonstration given by two Headmasters. The audience was welcome, as it was last year, but the scene was more of a short, improvisational stage play given for the pleasure of the “students” themselves. I think audience participation would have taken away from the feel and enjoyment for me.

    With your own fantasy school scene, if you ever managed to pull it off I think you’re fully entitled to your “selfish bastardy.” Speaking only for myself as a bottom I love the ritual, and too many people in the mix would create a messiness that can be fun in some scenes but not necessarily in the one you described. No one scene can … or should be … everything for everybody. It’s yours. Or mine. And at times there’s no room for “extras” in the play. It shouldn’t cause hurt feelings but I guess it can sometimes.

  17. Laura: Sounds to me like that Top was on the ball.

    Red: Thanks for the clarification. Like I said, with the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, I got over any feather ruffling that may have occurred. I suppose I should just worry about what I do and not so much what everyone else is doing.

  18. swfloridabrat Says:

    Actually, Rad, I felt badly that more tops were not able to be included…so I “skipped” the school assembly and did private play…although Jules does have a valid point….

  19. swfloridabrat: I got over it quickly and am sure others did as well. The fact is that no one is excluding others from creating these sorts of events (unless they are…then that would be a problem).

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