Roleplay Wishlist: The Classroom

I’ve roleplayed angry fathers or uncles and have roleplayed teachers. I would love to take the teacher roleplay to the next level.

My fantasy school roleplay scene would involve an authentic classroom or an acceptable facsimile of the same. A real one would be ideal, if possible. The teacher would be me – history sounds like a good enough subject. The classroom would be populated by about a dozen female “students”, each of them attired in the proper uniform. Class would begin as usual for a Monday morning with a quiz on the weekend’s reading. Unfortunately, it was a very good weekend for weather and it seems that the students took it upon themselves to spend much time at the beach or other outdoor activities and little or no time on their studies.

After I collect the quizes, I briefly look them over and don’t like what I see at all. I realize quickly that the work I assigned has not been done. After an angry lecture about work habits, I announce that I’m going to spend the rest of the class time giving these students the lesson they deserve. I pull out a chair and place it in the front of the class and sit down. I tell the class that I will call out each girl’s name – when I do, she will walk to the chalkboard and write her name followed by the words “…was a bad girl”. Then she will step to my right side and place herself over my lap for a hard bare-bottomed spanking in front of her classmates. When I’m done spanking, each girl is to get up and walk the the side of the classroom and face the wall with her panties down and skirt up.

At the end of the class, I walk to the line of girls and tell them they will each get five with a wooden paddle. I walk to the first and tell her to stick out her bottom. I paddle her and tell her she can leave. I go down the line one after another until they have all been paddled.

Class dismissed.


32 Responses to “Roleplay Wishlist: The Classroom”

  1. I hope I get assigned to that class. 🙂

  2. …Apple…was a bad girl!!!

    Kisses Apple

  3. I don’t know why this kind of fantasy resonates on both sides of the equation but it does.

    Also, I believe in large class sizes…

  4. was Sandy a bad girl?

  5. When is Sandy not a bad girl?

  6. Perhaps we could have a class at SL??

  7. D: Sounds like fun but does it require me to work?

  8. hmmm… punishing naughty schoolgirls. I guess it depends on your definition of “work.” *grin*

  9. You might be interrupted by a Principal, who, once he realizes what’s going on, decides to help with all that discipline.

  10. It wouldn’t be helping with the discipline, merely increasing what the girls would be suffering.

  11. Oh! I’m pretty good at history, Mr. Rad, Sir…can I come to class?

  12. Susan: But at the history of “what”? I assure you that my class quizzes are not about the Taft-Hartley Act.

  13. Not to mention the classroom aide who just happened to know what went on during the weekend. Not that I’ll tell to save the girls, once a bad girl, always a bad girl.

    Having said that, CP in real life schools is something I am strongly against.

  14. Brian: I concur. Corporal punishment should be for consenting adults only.

  15. It’s funny Rad, but I think most of those ‘weird’ spankos are the ones that are the least abusive and most able to understand that beating children is not right.

  16. I think I just wet my pants. In a good way. 😉

  17. Brian: You could be right about that.

    Barb: As a person who’s done it in a bad way during my drunken college years, the “good way” is better.

  18. hahahahaha……*trying not to picture Rad’s college scenariio*

  19. Sounds right up my own alley. I enjoy the idea of group punishments, especially when ritualized, and being able to pull this off in an authentic classroom would be way cool! I like history though, but I like goofing off with friends better and being spanked for it best.

  20. Well Rad and Brian,

    Just call me a “weird” spanko, because I don’t believe in spanking children…CP is most definitely for consenting adults only! (And oh my gosh – I CONSENT!)

  21. I wonder if there are any one room schoolhouses for rent.

  22. Great role play…”But ummm sir…the weather was so nice, don’t you think it is healthy for us to go outside and take walks and things. Promise we will read toinight :D!”

    This would be lots of fun!

  23. bella: I agree it would be fun – sort of like being in one of those spanking videos.

  24. Core fantasy for me, too…

  25. Schoolroom stuff is so hot – very nice idea. The schoolroom could get expensive, though, depending on how authentic you wanted it to look. A cheap chalkoard wouldn’t be too hard to get – but for an authentic-looking classroom you’d need to get desks somehow.’s cheapest no-frills student desks (I checked) are around $40 each.

  26. Not to mention actually getting the scene together quickly and with as little fuss as possible – that means arranging for people to be in a certain place at a certain time all ready to participate. This is possible when you’re doing a video shoot because people are getting paid for their trouble. But for enthusiasts, the drive to do it has to outweigh the trouble getting it done.


    By amazing coincidence this link goes to a story on MSNBC this morning about CP in American schools. At least 250,000 schoolchildren from ages 3 on up were spanked, hit and paddled in 2007 by teachers, administrators and coaches. That number in reality is much higher.

    Here’s the main issue I personally have with spanking children. It’s not always wrong when parents spank, but it is always wrong when schools do so. Why? What do you teach a child? Bad touches versus good touches. In American schools you cannot hug or pat a child because that is considered to be sexual in nature. But you can beat them!!!!!!

    Spanking is sex and yet schools protect teachers and coaches that sexually harass and rape children yet allow them to spank children at the same time. School personnel are legally protected against lawsuits and arrest for beating your children in states that allow CP.

    One case I read about several years ago was an 18 year-old girl in Texas that was late to class and two male teachers forced her over a desk and beat her with a paddle. When she tried to protect herself by reaching back, the male swinging the paddle broke her wrist. I do not know the outcome of the legal case, if was probably sealed. The school’s argument was that even though the girl was an adult and was paddled against her will, she had no rights as a high schooler to file assault charges. This stance that students have no rights has been upheld in court after court. Yet in many states, if a parent had beaten his daughter in exactly the same way, he/she would be arrested, lose custody of the child and probably go to jail.

    Remember this. In many states, as a teacher, you cannot hug a child, but you can beat them with a wooden paddle until they bruise and require medical attention and THAT IS LEGAL.

    Just who are the weirdos here?

  28. Brian: Although your comment is tangential to the original post, I found that MSNBC article interesting. I wonder how many of these occurrences transpire because teachers are not mentally equipped to deal with students. Perhaps these people should never have been teachers if they need to resort to violence. There also seems to be a bizarre authoritarian streak among certain sects of a certain popular religion in this country that manifests itself in all sorts of oppressive behavior including the notion that “sparing the rod” is wrong.

  29. My goodness Rad – I love reading this blog, not just for the content, but for the vocabulary!

  30. Susan: In my case, I owe it all to pomposity.

  31. Seriously Rad – do you really think that you would have a problem putting this together? I know about 10 bottoms off the top of my head who would be there wherever and whenever you wanted- hands folded – ready to go. Not only can I get a solid supporting cast together for you – but I can get extra’s and some dancing monkeys if you need them. But I must warn you – I’m terrible at history – kind of slacked off with that one. Perhaps our class can be in Neanderthal Castration or Sex in the Internet Age? I’m more comfortable with those topics.

    This week I was cuffed, put against a wall, frisked and spanked for breaking my parole and being a bad girl (not really – just play) – and it was awesome! I’m ready for more! Come on Rad! Let the games begin!

  32. Well, I could stay a bit longer.

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