A Model Citizen

There are lots of blogs that are published by spanking models (a couple linked from here) that often feature photos of them in various states of undress. Do readers of these blogs have expectations or are they merely demanding?

On more than one occasion, I’ve read remarks by model and actress bloggers that whenever they post an article that has more to do with their life rather than another set of photos they get obnoxious or nasty comments that ask when they’ll be putting up said photos. It’s as if the fantasy they’ve created about this person in their heads will be dissipated by the knowledge that they are every day people rather than Spanking Models™.

It depends on what the goal of the blogger is. If they’re using the blog as a way to generate views and click-throughs to a business or video company then that’s what they’ll be doing. They’re no doubt aware enough to not stray from their goal and keep things going in a way that will generate the business they are looking for. People who frequent these sites know what they’re getting and often do.

If the goal of the blogger is a more amateur one and combines nude or semi-nude photos with lifestyle or diary writing, it’s a slightly different animal. Most people will frequent the blog of an amateur and occasional model with the full knowledge that they are not just getting photos but also getting to know the person. It’s these sorts of “photo” sites that I like the most because the blogger is three-dimensional rather than just a person in a photo. Readers feel that they are on a journey with the blogger rather than merely a voyeur looking through a small window. Readers of these blogs probably knew what they were getting from day one and are receiving what they expect.

The morphing blog is the one that probably gets the most comments by idiots demanding more of this and less of that. These might have started as a photo site with occasional words but started featuring more words and the readers got restless. If the blogger wanted to do more memoir writing rather than modeling then they likely should have started a separate blog for their writing rather than shift gears in the current one.

I don’t feature nude photos on this blog, something that I decided upon from the beginning.  In the end, however, the blogger is the one to choose what they want to do. But decisions have consequences and these sometimes include not meeting the expectations of people who have no problem being rude.


2 Responses to “A Model Citizen”

  1. I consider the photo blogs by the models to be the modern day equivalent of the old Playboy Magazine photo spreads – full of quotes and descriptions of day to day life, and almost none of the personal stuff true.

  2. I can see that – yes. The one difference being that the current blogger models are in the driver’s seat and in charge of their own destiny. Certainly a lot better than the way it was.

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