Honestly Kinky

Disclaimer: If you are uncomfortable reading about medical or anal play, stop now. If not, continue.

Spanking, discipline/punishment, playing the Daddy, role play – these things are the main flavors of my kink and the ones that I most enjoy. Like most people in the scene, spanking is only one aspect of what makes me tick and there are other things that are associated with or offshoots of spanking that are not directly related.

Light medical play and anal play are some of those other things. Not anything involving steel implements, motors, pulleys or hoists but your basic rectal temperature taking scene. It’s certainly not something I engage in with everyone (obviously) – it’s not like I walk up to someone and say, “Hi, let’s play and by the way, can I stick this up your ass?” Doesn’t work that way.

Even after I got involved in the spanking community and realized how many people were into spanking, I still kept that part of my kink a secret because it was yet one more thing to feel silly or ashamed about. I felt that I was a freak wanting to do something like that. It surprised me when I started finding out how many other spankos are into this kind of anal play – there are video companies that feature this sort of thing in their productions on a regular basis. I guess for some, it’s yet one more aspect of retreating into a place where they are being controlled – not just punished with a child’s punishment but made to take a rectal thermometer just like a kid would have to. Somewhat humiliated, controlled and titillated all at the same time.

I’m not quite sure what I get out of it. I certainly admit to being an ass freak and that includes most things anal. There’s a certain amount of “playing doctor” naughtiness to it mixed with a kind of domesticity. I’ve always had the pretty basic fantasy of the schoolgirl faking being sick who has her temperature taken before being given a hard spanking and then sent off to school. I may have even written a story like this way back when.

Even outside of role playing, there’s a level of control in the intimacy of the act that is not as rough or violent as other kinds of anal play involving insertions. Maybe it’s over-thinking, maybe not, but there is a quiet innocence to the way I view a temperature taking scene that is not like any other.

Does this make me odd, a freak, weird or any number of other pejoratives? I don’t know nor do I even care. I can’t embrace my kink while denying parts of it exist. Either I’m kinky or I’m not. One of these days I’ll discuss enema play as well.


14 Responses to “Honestly Kinky”

  1. Not odd, a freak, weird or any other perjorative…just an honest kinky guy who is finally comfortable with his kinkyness. Nothing wrong with that in my book. I think it’s a pretty good place to be.

  2. Susan: For me, writing this blog means being honest about myself and who I am no matter what people think of me. It’s liberating, actually.

  3. Truth be told….I think most spankos are into anal play…….that’s the part of our bodies that turns us on the most. There is something to be said for being the bottom as well in this…..having the fantasy of your doctor taking control and lusting after you…..yummy….

  4. Span KIng: Thanks

    Barb: Very true

  5. Kudos for you for this post. It’s not an easy subject to broach. But I think it’s on most spanko’s mind. I agree with Barb that most of us are into anal play. I used to have a real problem admitting it was something I enjoyed. After all, only bad girls like that kind of thing.

    If you don’t mind me sharing a link… here’s a piece of fiction I found while surfing a couple of months ago. It involves this subject and I found it particularly well written and of course… hot: http://www.fantasies.com/TOUR_Story.asp?sid=6643

  6. D: This blog allows me the freedom to peel back the layers. It’s almost as if hiding for so long has created a need in me to expose as much of what has been hidden as I want. And thanks for the link – it was quite a hot story.

  7. Nah – not a freak. The anus is one of those very private places, so getting to intrude on someone’s (or having our own intruded on) feeds so well into the kink when it comes to intimacy, control, trust, and exchange of power.

  8. Three cheers for the anus and the intrusion thereof.

  9. It’s funny how our kinks manifest themselves in our relationships. For instnce, I am comfortable enough with, say, fifteen people who might ask to spank me privately to say “yes, let’s try it.” (Party spanking – or spanking while my spouse is present – is another matter.) But if you add in a rectal thermometer or a plug or leather cuffs and a spreader bar that number drops dramatically … like down to (thinking) less than 5.

    And that’s not even including the kinks that I secretly fantasize about but still have squirreled away in the ‘someday, somewhere’ category. (Never fear, I’ll read your enema post. But the probability of me commenting on it or typing that word again is so close to nil as to be statistically the same as 0.)

    Just as my kink is … well, I want to say *darker* but it’s not *darker* it’s just *bigger* … than spanking, so to is my ability to discuss it more limited. I do find it harder to write or talk about things which are beyond spanking, although I’m learning to do it. But it’s difficult.

    Fortunately, one of Chris’s fetishes is seeing me blush 🙂 so it all works out.


  10. sparkle: I would say that the actual practice of some of my kinks is reserved to a very small number. Spanking is my main fetish and I get to do that on a regular basis.

    For me, talking about my kinks comes down to what I feel like talking about. I’m slowly approaching the point in my life where I could not care less what people think of me especially if they can’t accept me for what I am. Those folks I’m happy to show the door.

  11. Medical play, anal play, the daddy thing, discipline thing, are all huge triggers for me. Not with everyone, and not every time, but chances are high that I’m thinking of them even if they aren’t part of the scene of the moment.

    I find it much easier to do things than to talk about them. The other side of that, for me, is that when someone else mentions them, I find it both thrilling and embarrassing at the same time.

  12. dawna: I’ve been trying to get to the point where I can just be honest about how I feel. Embarrassment is only a problem if you allow yourself to feel it.

  13. I think anal play is great. Now if I could only find a female who wants to do it. LOL Hey Rad, I really enjoy reading your blog. It is amazing how some of the things that you are writing about is exactly how I feel.

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