Punishment From A Distance

Some thoughts on non-spanking punishments when you’re not even there.

And I don’t mean writing lines although that is a popular one. There is a punishment that I’ve handed out only a couple of times in my life but that provides me a headspace when I’m not even in the vicinity of the person being punished.

R, the woman for whom I’m “daddy”, was being her bad self and very willful emailing back and forth with me. I was conveying to her how displeased I was about something she had done and what was going to happen to her once I got a hold of her. She was being very resistant to even the notion that she needed punishment and I told her she needed to be punished right that minute. “Good thing you’re over there”, she said.

I told her that I was not happy with her behavior and that part of her punishment was going to be carried out without me even being there. I told her to get up and go to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Then I said that she had to go to the far corner of the room, take her jeans and panties down, and stand facing the corner for ten minutes. I told her to then come back to her computer and tell me she had done it.

Can I prove that she did it? Nope. She could have just sat there at the computer doing whatever she wanted for ten minutes and then lying. However, if the headrush for her was as strong as the one for me then I would expect that she did it just to give herself that feeling of being punished she likes so much.

What was the excitement for me? The idea of controling someone and making them do what I’m telling them to do even if I’m not there really gets to me. It’s a slightly weaker version of the headspace I have when I’m physically Topping someone – that sense that at that moment, I’m in charge of what’s happening.


11 Responses to “Punishment From A Distance”

  1. Someone who is in that subspace can indeed be remote controlled.

  2. Brian: I think it’s a way to bring a little bit more of a reality to their fantasy.

  3. Subspace is a wonderful thing…remote control or one on one.

  4. Susan: Topspace is not too bad either.

  5. Top/subspace from a distance is great when there is real time to back it up.

    In my newb days, I had some on line friends who would try to dictate corner time. And as I was a newb, I actually went along with it (hangs head in shame). I remember it was quite a rush, but then when the nature of the game revealed itself, it felt empty and embarrassing.

    Glad the newbie days are done, that is for sure.

  6. Laura: I don’t think anything that one derives a certain amount of pleasure from is either empty or embarrassing. When I have given out said corner time (or whatever), I have not done it frivolously but because I wanted them to do what I told them to do.

  7. I have never been involved in a long distance puishment relationship – although I do have one person who is going to spank me at SL for certain bratty behaviors I have exhibited (haha chris). I think it takes two to let this form of punishment work…and it sounds like she was iinto it which is key. If someone sees it as silly it wouldn’t work – but then again they probably wouldn’t be involved in that kind of relationship anyways. (heads to the corner for 10 minutes).

  8. Barb: I don’t think anything we all engage in works if a person considers it silly. Heck, there are times when I have to laugh about it, too. However, what works for one person, whether DD or D/s or whatever, may not work for another but it obviously doesn’t invalidate what the first person gets out of it.

    I’ll have to make a note to expand upon this in some future article.

  9. “I’ll have to make a note to expand upon this in some future article.” Please do, Rad. This is ever so interesting and quite frankly, being controlled from afar floats my boat.

  10. swfloridabrat Says:

    I have been sent to the corner via long distance. It was effective and I was subdued when he called me back. I had a top delighted by the knowledge that when he suggested something he might do in a discipline scene with me, I did it myself so I would know what I was in for…talk about mindspace!

  11. long distance relationship gifts…

    Punishment From A Distance « Radspace…

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