Not Just Hands and Buns

If people pay attention they’ll notice that there’s a human being attached to those body parts (you hope).

I love going to the club or parties and playing with people I haven’t seen in a while or finding a new play partner I haven’t spanked before. It adds variety and excitement to my experience (and is a lot of fun, too). But even though I like to play, I have to admit that the moments when I’m not playing and I’m simply enjoying the company of old and new friends are the most special.

One of the wonderful aspects of the spanking community are the bonds that are created between us. Although we’re all gathering to scratch our collective itches,  the vast majority also take time to get to know each other and help create the kind of community that exists among us spanking folk.

Over the years, some of the best times I’ve had, some of the best memories, have been those moments when I’m just sitting and talking with my fellow spankos. I’ve had deep, witty and just plain funny conversations with people on a vast array of subjects (and about spanking and kinkiness, too). There’s just a level of intelligence and humanity that I’ve discovered residing in so many of us – a vast number of good people that far outnumber some of the more unpleasant characters I may come across.

I enjoy spanking and want to play with many people just because I enjoy the experience. However, getting to know them as people and making life long friendships are the things that truly make my experience all that it is. I wouldn’t trade those moments of downtime for anything in the world.


6 Responses to “Not Just Hands and Buns”

  1. Oh, that sounds very nice; friendships are so important for my too but only my best girl-friend know about our kink- she is also one of us I think and hope.She already had just a few experiences with spanking or kind of it. Maybe if she meets the right person she will be a real spankee …:)

    I also would like to talk more open about my kink in real live like I do it online but to thrust other people is a risk…so enjoy the conversation and spankings.

    Kisses Apple

  2. For me, it’s the main reason I am interested in attending SL (other than the obvious, of course.) I am looking forward to socializing and hopefully finding a new friend or two. How nice it will be to have a conversation and not having the fear of “Can’t go there, they wouldn’t understand.”

  3. Apple and D: That’s what makes the conversation so much fun. None of us have to be afraid of saying too much. I think it’s the honesty and camaraderie that makes people feel comfortable enough to let loose and enjoy each other’s company.

  4. Yes – it’s true. Some of the folks that I’ve met in the scene I now count among my closest friends – people I would have liked to know and be friends with in “vanilla” world! I love being able to say “I need spanked”, and have someone understand and empathize! It’s sort of hard to do that with the best friend with whom I raised my children!

  5. Bingo. While I look forward to any opportunities to play, my greatest anticipation is being around others like myself in an environment where we can be ourselves without having to self-censor. Online, at least, I have had wonderful conversations, debates, and interactions with others in the scene and look forward to meeting the flesh-and-blood, 3D realities behind the screen-names.

  6. Here’s to 3D realities…and more boiled shrimp at the buffet.

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