Friday Addendum

The eccentricities mentioned earlier today aside, I have to add one more type to my rogues gallery of scene oddities. I have no name for this (mostly) male character but can describe him quite well. He is the one who has to tell me how good of a scene he had with my wife either before I met her or five minutes ago. It’s always done with this oily leer and air of oneupmanship that gets right under my skin.

The conversation usually goes like this (with some liberties taken for brevity):

Him: Boy, I really beat your wife to a bloody pulp.

Me: Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Him: Your wife can really take the cane and seems to like it. You should cane her more.

Me: Is that what I should do?

You see how it’s degenerated into me being in full sarcastic mode? All because someone is presuming to suggest how I should play with my wife. And another thing, if my wife has a “sweet ass” or any other body part, you’re free to keep that to yourself as well.


8 Responses to “Friday Addendum”

  1. AWWWWWWWW! Big hugs. Can’t wait to meet you at SL.

  2. Ugh. I once met a (vanilla) girlfriend’s ex who pulled that routine. He wasn’t an oddity, though – just an asshole.

  3. radagast Says:

    Barb: Sure thing. Don’t be reticent to say hello if you see me.

    Shiny: Everyone’s got one…some people ARE one.

  4. I just have no idea what these guys expect your reaction to be. Pat on the back? Invites for a repeat performance? A Medal perhaps?

    It’s the smarmy greasiness that is disturbing tho.

  5. Laura: I don’t know if they have expectations beyond puffing themselves up a bit. I was saying to Sandy that I couldn’t imagine people behaving like this at a cocktail party.

    “Hey, Frank. I was checking out your wife and she’s got some set of tits on her”.

  6. I think it’s some guys’ idea of bonding. I don’t think it’s meant in a mean way, or necessarily as a power play over the other man.

    BUT, it ends up reducing the woman to an object, and subtly puts both the men involved into positions of authority over the woman. Maybe only ONE person is in that position; maybe NO ONE is.

    I can understand why it happens. If the man telling the husband to spank his wife is single and looking, maybe this helps him feel better about not having his own wife or girlfriend to spank.

  7. I can see how it can be uncomfortable…that being a mild word…for you Rad. But even worse, I think, is that then, your wife…Sandy becomes an object. Like …this is what I did to her…or I think you or we should do this to her. It just gets weird.

    I wonder if it happens in the scene more often then in other places. Sometimes I think that people feel that they can say stuff about women that they have played with that they wouldn’t say in other situations.

    Or maybe I don’t have a clue…sometimes in this scene I get so confused…I think that is it.

  8. bella: The scene is often confusing because a lot of societal norms are just plain different than they are in the vanilla world.

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