Quirky little things that make a person unique…unless they completely get in the way.

I work with a guy who is OCD. He has a thing about clean. The first thing he does when he gets to work is take out several pre-moistened cleaning sheets and scrubs down his desktop, phone, keyboard and anything else he might conceivably touch. He’s a nice guy but it’s a shame that few people can see past this behavior and accept him for what he is rather than making him the butt of frequent jokes.

In the scene, there are times when a person tries to reach out and make friends but their quirks, eccentricities, etcetera, give them such an air of oddness that people find it difficult to warm up. Most of these people are strange but benign. You may not want to be stuck alone in a room with them (or play with them) but they’re relatively harmless if a little off-center.

I often feel a bit sorry for them and want to help but it’s difficult to know what to say. How do you tell someone who comes across as weird that what they think as their uniqueness is off-putting in a way they don’t realize? Is it just a matter of hurting their feelings a bit now in the hope that it helps them or are they lost causes until they figure it out themselves?

The worst sort of oddball character is the one that comes across as just plain creepy. They may not be menacing or sinister in any overt way but the way they behave or communicate is so odd that any contact with it sends a chill up your spine. They are probably so socially inept that the “creepiness” is a byproduct of the fact that they don’t really know how to communicate with people at all.

Sandy often says that she will try to help shy people as much as she can to feel comfortable but that in the end, the spanking community is not a support group for people who don’t seem to want to try to change. I agree with this totally. My sympathy for folks who don’t seem to have a clue about how to act in public ends at the point where they come across as utterly devoid of self-awareness. I will be nice to people to a fault but I am not going to set-up a charity for social misfits. I have no time nor inclination to do that.

If a person is so messed up that they can’t hold a normal conversation or communicate by email in a way that approaches human, they don’t need the spanking scene – they need therapy.


5 Responses to “Eccentricities”

  1. Oh. My. God. So true Rad. I have come across several of these people….both men and women……eeek.

  2. Ahhh… the Socially Inept.

    I’m just beginning to get into the spanking scene, so not as familiar with personality types, but I can only imagine. They are certainly abundant in Sci-Fi fandom.

  3. radagast Says:

    Barb: You know of what I speak.

    D: I suspect that you also have an idea based upon your knowledge of SF fandom.

  4. I was doing volunteer work for someone once upon a time. He insisted that I wash my hands before touching his computer. That was about 15 yrs ago. I can only imagine what he is like now.

    At work, we are supposed to, as a means of infection control, wipe down our workstation/computer thingie and space with kill anything wipes. It is interesting to watch different styles. I wipe down my keyboard and some surface areas. Some take it to CDC heights. It’s kinda interesting watching some people in their individual quest for cleanliness.

  5. radagast Says:

    Laura: In the case of a hospital, I can understand the importance of cleanliness vis a vis control of infections. However, in a building like mine, where molds and spores have mutated to horrific levels in our air conditioning system, wiping down a keyboard is like bailing out the Atlantic Ocean with a thimble.

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