The Walls Have Ears (Ironically Updated)

I would love to be able to engage in all sorts of activities in my apartment – I really would.

In olden times, when Sandy and I first met, I would spank her, paddle her, strap her and all sorts of other things in my apartment with wild abandon. I was so excited to be doing what I’d always fantasized about doing that one little thing didn’t occur to me: I have neighbors and they have ears It’s not all the neighbors that seem to be focused on our activities (perhaps the ones down the hall are too scared to say anything), just the one who lives directly below us.

I generally don’t use the word hate when describing feelings I have for people but I have to say that I hate this guy downstairs. He’s a retiree who literally does not come out of his apartment for days on end – I know because often a newspaper will lie in front of his door for a couple of mornings before it mysteriously disappears (teasing me with the hope that he has expired). This guy has an issue with noise and not just loud noises at odd hours. He seems to have no conception that apartment living is different than living in a private home because there is no way around the fact that you’re going to hear the people upstairs, next door and down the hall. Our walking bothers him, our cats bother him…everything bothers him. Frankly, he’s a nut.

The reason my feelings for him go from general dislike to hate is because he dared to approach me about what he heard emanating from my apartment. OK, he was matter-of-fact about the whole thing with his little suggestions about carpeting and padding but it’s the fact that he approached me at all about a particular subject that bothered me.

In my opinion, he involved himself in my sex life especially complaining about things Sandy and I were doing outside of the building’s Quiet Hours. If we were regularly engaging in these things after 11pm then I’d say he had every right to voice his displeasure. However, I’ve sat in my apartment over the years hearing loud music, action movies, arguments and video games (especially the annoying sports games where the prerecorded play-by-play announcer says the same phrase every time someone does a particular thing). Unless it was after the cut off point, I’ve said nothing. I don’t give a damn what these people are doing and expect them not to worry about what I’m doing. Loud blow ’em up action movies are OK but some spanking isn’t? Try listening to the 1812 Overture every Thursday evening (which seems to be a favorite of my next door neighbor).

The reason this annoys me so much is that the idea of him listening has gotten into my head which stops me from spontaneously engaging in fun spanking activities for fear that the old fool downstairs is listening in (and probably masturbating…if he still can). There’s only one answer: We need a house.


I like to write at least one day ahead, often several days. Because of this reason, I run the risk of situations that contradict what I wrote about. Last night, I felt it was time to address the issue of Sandy’s latenesses. I pulled down her shorts and panties and told her to go get me the wooden hairbrush that I primarily use when I want to punish her. I put her over my knee and let her have it hard right from the beginning. The good thing about the hairbrush is that it doesn’t make that loud of a noise yet is very nasty when used the way I was using it – full arm swings with some muscle behind them. I told Sandy that I was not going to put up with her latenesses any longer and that the next time she did it, I would give her fifty with the wooden bath brush followed by a dozen strokes of the cane. I wasn’t kidding.

Sessions like this always get me worked up and we retired to the bedroom for roughness of a different kind. I’m sure the guy downstairs was thrilled.


21 Responses to “The Walls Have Ears (Ironically Updated)”

  1. I have no sympathy for Mr Downstairs Jackadork. I’ve been a night shift person for ever. I don’t expect the world to stop while I sleep. I’ve figured out ways to cope. The worst of it came a couple of years ago when our nextdoor neighbors (side of the house where our bedroom is)added a story and lengthened the house and pretty much completely gutted the inside. Ear plugs were my friend. Of course said neighbors were never there to talk to. Their workers started before permit hours.

    Go to the drug store of choice, buy a big package of airplugs and next time he complains about noise before quiet hours start… hand ’em over!

  2. Laura: Maybe I can just shoot chloroform under his door.

    By the way, Happy Birthday.

  3. Yes you need a house with lots of open spaces and soundproofing. Tell the nosy neighbor to get a box fan and turn it on high when the sounds of spanking float down from above.

    Have to admit though that yours and Sandy’s take on this punishment are slightly different.

  4. I was more descriptive, I think.

  5. Longer and harder certainly.

  6. Note to self: Do not piss Rad off.

  7. radagast Says:

    Brian: Wait a minute…

    D: Actually, I’m rather mild mannered – for the most part.

  8. Rad I’m not disagreeing with you or think you were too harsh. Just stating that the spankee always has a different viewpoint than the spanker. Last Saturday I gave Diane a short OTK by hand and six hard swats with the paddle and she’d earned and deserved every stroke. Of course we live in a house. 🙂

  9. radagast Says:

    Brian: Understood. The “wait a minute…” was referring to an alternate interpretation of “longer and harder”.

  10. I’ve been in that situation. Tell the neighbor downstairs to get a life. oh wait…he already had one and he wasted it.

  11. radagast Says:

    Barb: So nasty…but funny.

  12. Don’t knock Choloform! The oldies always work!

    Thanks for the wishes. First of a couple BDay Spankings complete. 49 with the strap and 10 to grow on with the Bathbrush. Insane! whoever heard of 10 to grow on? Especially at my age! Damn!

  13. radagast Says:

    Laura: Only ten?!? People are living a lot longer these days.

  14. Bah! all you tops think WAY too much alike!

  15. radagast Says:

    Laura: We’re all really part of one huge collective of Toppiness. Resistance is Futile.

  16. I think chloroform is a good idea! Ear plugs are, too…but really people like that are just annoying. I do think that some people have some very strong mis-conceptions about living in an apartment and what that means about noise. A house sounds like a great idea…they are just hard to come by sometimes!

  17. Maks me happy I live down a very long lane surrounded by cornfields and woods. Neighbors can’t hear anything or see anything for that matter. Rad, just think, you’re giving the poor old guy a thrill. It’s your act of kindness for the week.

  18. Lynn: I’d like to thrill him into the underworld.

  19. ” latenesses ” – duly noted – remember not to be “late” with Rad!!!! Holy Crap! I’m late 89% of the time! LOL.

    (sorry Sandy)

  20. Susan: 89%? At least you’re efficient enough to have calculated that.

  21. Not really – that was totally random and off the cuff.

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