Implements and Accoutrements

There’s nothing like a tight pair of blue jeans.

To completely destroy your hand. Let’s face it, jeans are among the roughest and toughest of materials out there. Cotton? Perhaps cotton processed the way they make steel mesh for construction. I’ve always harbored a love of hand spanking a shapely bottom clad in tight blue jeans. It’s a leftover from my days in high school when the girls that I most wanted to spank all wore the “latest” Jordache. How they got themselves into those is still a mystery to me but I suspect the insides were coated with Teflon or some other non-stick surface.

When my fantasies became reality, I quickly discovered that using my hand for more than a couple of minutes over jeans was a quick way to a painfully bruised hand. I knew that the will and desire might be there but I would either need a rougher hand or something to spank with.

My favorite over-the-jeans implement is the leather strap. The bottom positioned over something so that the jeans are as tight as possible and presenting a full target. The feel of the strap as it hits that solid target – a tiny bit of give but a nice rebound that you can feel right back to your arm. The sound of the stroke as it connects is wonderful – loud and scary. The best thing of all is that the jeans offer enough cover that it allows me to go a tiny bit harder than I might over bare skin without fear of any real injury. That really gets me where my headspace lives. There’s something of the schoolmaster esthetic in strapping a woman over her jeans that I really like.

A good strapping over jeans can also be a nice lead in to the jeans coming down for six of the best with a cane.


8 Responses to “Implements and Accoutrements”

  1. hmmmmm. I like that idea.

  2. radagast Says:

    We’ll save it for Shadow Lane – it should make for a nice “show” at a suite party.

  3. My, you do invoke the visual sensory receptors.

    After G reads this post, I have a sneaking suspicion the next time I wear a pair of jeans I shouldn’t plan on leaving the house any time soon after that.

    Great idea for the party!

  4. radagast Says:

    Thanks, D. Ham I am.

  5. Great visual…and it would make for a great show at SL 😀

  6. When can we get the dvd? LOL!

  7. Ummmm – I tend to be afraid of leather straps – but over jeans? Might not be so bad!

    Love the post and the comments!

  8. Susan: Feel free to wear jeans any time and I’ll be sure to show you the benign nature of the strap.

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