Fantasy Thursday

I would have made it Fantasy Friday but that’s kind of lame. Besides, it’s Thursday not Friday.

Sometimes I have extreme fantasies. They’re the kind that you mostly keep to yourself and only tell to those people who are close to you and just might not give you that “OMG, what a sick person” look. Fantasies like that are like fiction of the most speculative kind – they are either impractical or darn near impossible to transfer into reality.

Other fantasies are on the edge. They might be considered extreme by some, not so much by others, but they are also things that might be possible to act out. This is one of them.

A woman in a white dress is forcibly removed from her country home by two men and marched into a wooded area beyond earshot of the nearest neighbor. She is guilty of some local law and these two men are responsible for carrying out the sentence that’s been imposed. Very little is being said other than the pleas of the woman to be let go. The men take her to a pair of trees that are set somewhat close to each other. Ropes are thrown over low hanging branches and tied to her wrists. Her arms are pulled up above her head. The two men walk to a willow tree nearby and cut long branches from it and strip them with hunting knives. When they’ve each obtained three of them, they walk back to the woman and begin to cut the clothing off of her with their knives. She is screaming and pleading but it falls on deaf ears as the stone-faced men continue with their work.

When she is completely naked, each man takes a few steps back and grasps one of the branches in a hand, holding the two others in the other. They begin to whip her with the fresh switches, alternating their strokes between them. They start with her buttocks and then begin to cover her back with welts up to and including the shoulders and move down to the backs of her thighs and legs. She is screaming in pain. When one switch is spent, they grasp another and continue whipping her until all six switches they’ve cut have been used. Her back is purple and red with welts, the sweat has drenched her hair as she sags – held up by the ropes.

After a moment, the ropes are cut and she falls to the ground. The two men pick her up and carry her home naked. The front door of her house opens and her father is waiting there, a hint of sadness in his eyes but with the same stone-faced expression. He steps aside and allows them to take her upstairs and place her face down on her bed. The two men leave. The father comes up and stands in the doorway and watches as a young housekeeper cleans and dresses the wounds.

And that’s what sorts of things go through my head when I’m at work lost in thought.


11 Responses to “Fantasy Thursday”

  1. There is something about these kind of fantasies that really get me going…I mean it isn’t a scene that I would necessarily ask to have played out…but it well turns me on. All of it…the silence…the punishment…the humiliation…the non consensual aspect all of it. Here’s to more times for you to be lost in thought.

  2. TVisiting Says:

    You DID say that you were watching a lot of Eastern European CP video.

    This sort of changes my vision of you.

  3. radagast Says:

    bella: It’s stories like this that really do it for me as well. There’s something about a person being taken away like this against their will in an almost matter of fact way.

    TVisiting: Do I seem more evil now?

  4. TVisiting Says:

    Let me explain. Your blog gives me an impression of you – I get feelings of warmth and friendliness. You are our host and guide. Everything else I have read here isn’t as detailed as your description of your fantasy. I wasn’t prepared for the referee to start playing in the game.

  5. radagast Says:

    TVisiting: All right. I’m still not sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing or just a different thing.

  6. It’s a very common ‘fantasy’ for many men and women. It’s also a reality in some cultures and worse, but we aren’t our fantasies.

    Besides, I think all that and more when I’m at work. They story here has a air of authenticity and place that turns it into something more sinister and yet more innocent.

  7. radagast Says:

    Brian: Initially, I was just getting some thoughts out of my head but realized that there was more depth to this “fantasy” than I imagined. Reading it again, I see that there are some interesting unexplored layers to the story but their lack of explanation gives it a certain mystery that I like.

  8. This was really hot. I was wondering where the father figure played in all of this. Was also wondering if he was planning on belting or strapping the victim after a short rest.

  9. radagast Says:

    sandy: Yes, the father is an interesting character. He obviously knows and approves of what is happening in this town even if he is sad that his daughter is the victim. I didn’t think about what the father would do later – that will have to remain a mystery until I expand this into a story.

  10. Sandy I was thinkng the same thing. As he walked out of her room, he would slowly turn and say, “Rest now, daughter, because tomorrow you will be strapped by me and the day after as well.”…I just know that is what would happen.

  11. I got the feeling the father was disappointed that his daughter had broken some law and had thus brought this on herself. Perhaps even disgraced the family. I did not foresee more punishment in her future. Justice had been done and that was the end of it.

    Those things work in my head too, but I suspect would not work as well in reality. Especially as I have the whole rest of my life to deal with, like kids.

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