Party Jitters As Shadow Lane Approaches

Oh, no…not mine. I’ve gotten over that stuff for the most part. This is for first timers.

I got an email recently from someone who was contemplating going to the Shadow Lane party in Vegas and was still on the fence about it. Their main fears were about discretion and about fitting in. I thought the email was a good springboard for me to write about the subject and address these two issues for a wider audience.

Regarding Discretion

Folks who have been engaged in spanking activities primarily in private might think that a big party in a vanilla establishment like the Suncoast Resort in Las Vegas might be a little too open for them. They have vanilla lives and kinky lives and would prefer the latter not to intrude upon the former. Behind every palm infested planter, around every turn and in every elevator to the fourteenth floor is a potential vanilla acquaintance ready to ask what you’re doing there. Either that or the notion that the scary vanillas will start chasing you down the hallway with pitchforks leaving you no choice but to decide whether you’re going to take Doctor Frankenstein with you over the cliff or not.

Other than in a few isolated cases I’ve heard, I think the fear of meeting someone from your vanilla life is more an irrational phobia than a plausible event. If you do, just tell them that you heard about this wonderful resort off the strip and just had to see it for yourself. Nor is it likely that some of the vanilla guests of the resort will either know nor care what you’re doing. Unless you plan on walking around the casino wearing a schoolgirl outfit with “I Need Paddling” taped to your back, the other patrons are mostly concerned with losing money at the craps table. And honestly, the ones who do find out will either be intrigued or too scared to make eye contact.

Fitting In

Let’s not mince words, you’re scared to death that you’re going to spend the effort and money to go to Vegas and come away from it feeling rejected. This is the number one fear of anyone who has attended school and had to deal with fickle and moronic classmates who spent years conducting a psychological experiment on you. It’s manifested in fears of cliques or shadowy secret societies just beyond our reach who sit and sarcastically snark their way into our backs like shivs.

OK, enough of that – back to reality. Aside from a very small minority, I have not been a part of a more welcoming group of people than the spanking community that comes out for these parties. I’d bet that your local church or community group is less welcoming. For most folks, meeting new people always contains the potential for meeting new play partners, soon-to-be good friends or simply interesting people. It really would make little sense for anyone in the scene to close the door and say they somehow know all the people they want to know. Not logical.

But the new person has to make an effort – there’s no getting around that point. If you’re going to a party and then spending your time sitting at a side table with your face buried in a pile of food, don’t complain that no one is spontaneously befriending you. Schmooze, dammit, schmooze! You see some people over there so go up to them and introduce yourself.

“Hi, my name is Schmendrick and it’s my first time here”.

What do you think is going to happen? Most folks will introduce themselves and it’ll be a few minutes of getting-to-know-you talk. If you know how to converse and act like a human then that meeting will lead you to perhaps meet their friends like you’re playing six degrees of spanking parties. Find out where the gatherings are for after hours fun that you can attend. It really is not that hard.

Lastly, here’s something that perhaps others won’t tell you about due to their tact (something I, of course, am lacking): Even if someone wants to take you under their wing, there are times when they’d prefer you weren’t shadowing them. Got it? Good. Enjoy the party.


8 Responses to “Party Jitters As Shadow Lane Approaches”

  1. Great post!

    You addressed the two most “popular” reasons people might hesitate to attend the party.

    Careful though — you make it sound so good, it will become like Comiccom, and grow from a few hundred guests to 300,000 or so. Now, wouldn’t THAT be funny?

  2. radagast Says:

    I would hate to see the buffet line at the 300,000 person banquet.

  3. It would make quite the spanking gauntlet, though…

  4. Did a touble take today. Thought this read “Panty Jitters”

    No, not me! I don’t have a one track mind. Not at all.

  5. radagast Says:

    I don’t even know what “panty jitters” would be but they don’t sound good.

  6. There’s a party in Rad’s panties! (that gives ME jitters)

  7. radagast Says:

    How terribly sad for you, of you and by you.

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