Taking Notice Of The Quiet Girl

So I’m sitting here in a coffee shop thinking of something to write about and in the span of five minutes two people walk in and it comes to me.

I’ve always liked the girl next door look when it comes to spanking partners. I don’t mean what magazines consider the girl next door – usually that’s some fresh-faced blond who’s got that “Oops, I have breasts” look on her face. I mean someone that could literally be the girl or woman that lives next door or that you pass on the street.

Two women walked into the coffee shop amidst a group of others – my eyes immediately saw them over their more “glamorous” compatriots on line. Both had long skirts going all the way down to their ankles, light sweaters, sparse makeup and glasses. There was a quiet innocence about the two of them and they had that look that I always call “demure”. Although they were neither loud of dress or bold of manner, neither seemed like they were shrinking violets either. They just go about their lives and do what they do without making a show out of it. I hate to call women like this “plain” because they are not – obviously not if I noticed them in the first place. Honestly, I find these girls next door infinitely more desirable than the over-the-top “slutty” women you find in men’s magazines and in videos. I’m sure those types are fine for other guys but I’m not concerned with what they like, just what I like.

I think that women like this who come across as intelligent (maybe it’s the glasses) are exactly the kinds of people I like to have as spanking partners. Mostly because I know that women like this are not just going to lay there like pieces of meat but will add to what’s going on. I also believe in the notion of still waters running deep – that people who are staid and quiet on the outside are probably kinky on the inside (or that’s my fantasy at least). In the end, it’s a look and breaks up the monotony of looking at the guy with the odd shaped head eating a bagel.

And I didn’t even mention tomboys or mousy girls; those are whole discussions in and of themselves.


9 Responses to “Taking Notice Of The Quiet Girl”

  1. Wow. I liked this post Rad. I’ve always thought of myself as the quiet tomboyish mousy girl (well, at least in my teens and 20’s), so it’s nice to know that good guys look at quiet girls and speculate what might lurk beneath the surface. That quiet staid people might be kinky on the inside is a cool observation – I’ve been “kinky” my entire life, and always thought of as a Good Girl. It used to scare me and bother me that I was so deviant under the surface – but in the last 10 years or so, I stopped being bothered, and decided that it was a good thing to be…me.

  2. radagast Says:

    So true, Susan, even for me. Once I stopped thinking there was something “wrong” with me, I started living a real life. As for still waters running deep – it’s not much of an observation, more of a fantasy. However, I’m not sure if I’m hoping the woman is really kinky or just innocent and in need of being defiled.

    Hmm, that’s a whole other fetish.

  3. Good post Rad…many interesting points. The one that most made me think is that different men really look at different types of women. I think I tend to stereotype men, not just from thinking but even from asking them…and I think I might be someone that they would like to talk to, or confide in but never look at in a line at the coffee shop.

    Food for thought. I never really do know whst men are thinking.

  4. radagast Says:

    bella: Men think? That must be why the world is in such great shape.

  5. GRins… okay.. now I want to hear the next discussion on the “tomboys”…just what is your opinion on that topic. You are right though, it’s the quiet ones that really blow your mind when you get them going!

  6. Very interesting post. I’ve not thought too much about the girl-next-door, demure look when it comes to spankee’s….

    I dunno, maybe it’s more of an attitude thing that captures my imagination perhaps, such as a few spunky, sometimes sassy females I work with–always wonder…hm………I wonder if…..


  7. radagast Says:

    Dave: It’s like anything in life – personal taste.

  8. LOL…Rad…I guess that might be my first and biggest mistake…I thought they might *sigh*…again I am wrong.

  9. OMG! the guy with the odd shaped head eating a bagel!!!!! awesome!

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