Sweltering Afternoon Bonus Post

It’s hot as hell here in New York. One of those days that cause you to pour sweat just walking from your car to the store. It’s all about turning on the AC and hoping that Con Edison is up to the task of providing the electricity we’re paying through the nose for.

Last night, Sandy and I went to a nice little gathering of kinky folks that we know through that Euphoric Tendencies play we both saw and through a benefit that Ms. Cassandra Park attended for the play itself. A nice group of people with lots of great conversation. However, the fun was not only getting to spank my delicious wife but watching her get tied up twice in one evening – one of them a lovely hogtie. With her in such a debilitated state, it was my pleasure to cause her some pain. Good times.

Sandy has a much more detailed description on her blog.


10 Responses to “Sweltering Afternoon Bonus Post”

  1. I am soooo glad it doesn’t get that hot here!! Sounds like you and Ms. Cassandra had a great time…being tied up hmmm….sounds nice 😉

  2. radagast Says:

    I don’t think she WAS Ms. Cassandra at all last night but sandy got to feel the ropes tightening.

  3. Lucky sandy. Lucky Rad. Glad you got to enjoy the right kind of heat!

  4. Everyone should be hogtied once in a while!

  5. radagast Says:

    More than once in a while.

  6. Maybe Saturday…

    Now to figure out sandy’s blog, which I had trouble accessing, and I can’t post cause my blogger id is my vanilla name, and I usually chose Anonymous then signed in the comment… ok, I’m rambling… thinking about hogties…

  7. radagast Says:

    In our world, hogties beat pork rinds any day.

  8. Do you have any idea of how much I wished I lived in New York? I LOVED Euphoric Tendencies! The cast was awesome. To go to a party with those folks – well – you had a good weekend. (And the hogties? – whoo-hoo!) (Lucky Sandy!)

  9. radagast Says:

    It was a nice laid back party with some nice people…and Sandy does look nice all hogtied.

  10. Dolly, you can’t see my blog?

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