Laid Back Sunday Morning Post

Who would you like to meet at a big spanking party? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

I’ve made no secret over the years that I’d love to meet Kiri Kelly – star of many a Nu-West and Shadow Lane video (among others). She starred in the very first spanking video I ever bought, Nu-West’s, “Two Spanked Cheerleaders” which also featured Peaches and the late Veronica Lord (a pity that she’s no longer with us). The plot was exactly what the title implies – two naughty cheerleaders punished by a strict teacher. Awesome stuff for a guy who likes discipline and F/F action.

I’m not going to sit here waxing poetic about why Kiri Kelly is one of my all-time favorites. Let’s just say that between the part of her that was the focus of the action and her pretty, girl-next-door looks, she was a total slam dunk in my book.

Will I ever get to meet her? Doubt it but a guy can dream. Now you tell me yours.


10 Responses to “Laid Back Sunday Morning Post”

  1. Sinnamon Love. When I saw her in a Pacific Force DVD last year. I knew that is a bottom for spanking.

  2. Keith Jones. Swooooooooooon. I’ve always seen him at parties, but imagine me being not so brave to introduce myself. What do I say besides..” Hi Keith… I love your work”? It’s not like I even want to play with him.

    Sometimes I suck at this social stuff.

  3. radagast Says:

    Joe: I’ll have to take a look at the Pacific Force site to see who you mean.

    Laura: I get tongue tied talking to regular people let alone “stars”. I like to think I’d be suave and nonchalant if I met Kiri Kelly but I know different.

  4. I’ve met many of the Shadow Lane stars, some are more aloof than others, but most are nice and I’ve played with a few. I remember a few years ago talking to Chelsea Pfeiffer, who was standing by herself, and she said it seemed a lot of guys felt nervous about approaching her, but she’s just another spanko like everyone else at the party, and would love to play (we ended up playing at a suite party later, if I’m remembering this correctly I think I gave her her birthday spanking and then she put me over her knee and spanked me — much harder, I must say.)

    My favorite was always Tanya Fox (Foxx?) from Spoiled Rotten, a video I think I’ve worn out — it’s probably time to order the DVD.

  5. radagast Says:

    Tanya Foxx was also a good one. She’s in a Shadow Lane video with Kiri Kelly, Alexis Payne and Stephanie Locke called Our Sorority. That’s a good one.

  6. *sigh*….I can’t even think of who I would want to meet mostly because I can’t even imagine them wanting to talk to me. I have met and talked to many of the women models…but that is just different. Sometimes they seem a bit like my students and well that just feels different, hard to explain.

  7. radagast Says:

    bella: I’d love for those models to seem a bit like my students. And that’s NOT hard to explain.

  8. We got to meet Erica Scott, and love her for many reasons. I’ve not seen any male actor in a vid that I feel the need to meet, but I enjoyed some online banter with Devlin and I hope someday we get to chat in person. Now, we’ve had the chance to get friendly with some of the members who’ve done videos, and I look forward to meeting them in person (like Razor) and others I miss (like Fiesty).

    I know last time I had thoughts about getting to meet Stephanie Locke. Maybe next time!

  9. I have an advantage – I went to my first Shadow Lane party with someone who has been going since the beginning – and he introduced me to all the people whom I had seen in the videos. Some of them were wonderful, and it was awesome to play with those who were free to play. Some of them were into themselves, and it was apparent from the get-go. The guy I play with (or used to play with) has a thing for Erica, and she was lovely when I told her, and signed a note with her autograph for him…how can you not love a gal like that? Most of the “stars” are just like us – except they make videos. I’ve truly liked 99% of the people I have met.

  10. radagast Says:

    I can’t say that I’ve met a lot of the actors but the ones I’ve met have been pretty nice, too – or shy. Some seem a little uncomfortable with crowds.

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