The Scold

Is it difficult for me to get into scolding mode when I’m spanking? Yes and no.

As someone who likes to spank in a disciplinary style, I also like to scold as part of a scene. It not only helps me get into the proper headspace but creates the proper atmosphere, allowing the person being spanked to begin to believe it is happening “for real”. Scolding is not difficult – it just requires me to divorce myself from feeling like a total fool. All I have to do is pick a reason for the spanking and then allow myself to loosen a tiny bit of anger management to get the proper head of steam. Once I get going, it doesn’t take much to keep going (as a matter of fact, it sometimes requires me to pull back a little). Also, I don’t second guess what I’ve said. Sometimes I say something that doesn’t quite come out the way I intended. I do what actors do – I just keep going and get myself back on track.

When I’m spanking someone for “real” – in other words, for a real life reason, it’s easy to find my inner scold. When I play “Daddy” for one particular bad girl I spank, I find that she provides more than a few reasons to get angry enough to really let her have it. I also will get into this mode when I’m spanking Sandy for a real reason – some rule we have set up that she has broken (like lateness) or when she took a few puffs of a cigarette (something which utterly disgusts me). I did not need to fake any annoyance in those moments.

When there are no real life reasons, like when it’s simply a role play or scene, it gets a little more difficult to get into a sufficiently angry mindset. In cases like this, when I either don’t know the person terribly well or when there is no real reason, I have to find a more generic one. I spanked one woman for the first time who wanted a disciplinary scene including the scolding. There was no real reason that I knew about so it simply became about “her behavior”. I was able to talk around specifics while I was spanking her and the combination of the physical, the scolding and my tone of voice was enough to make the scene work for both her and me.

Like I said above, once I got past feeling self-conscious and allowed myself to say, frankly, ridiculous things, I found that the scolding came pretty easy.


3 Responses to “The Scold”

  1. I am glad you can get into the scolding mode! I have heard different Tops describe it differently. I know for me the scolding is very important to making it work for me; especially if it is for a real reason. It is all a part of the psychological part for me and helps me get into the right headspace.

  2. radagast Says:

    For some people, I think, the spanking experience is all fun and games and maybe mostly physical. I need that psychological edge otherwise it’s not as good as it could be.

  3. Oh my – I never thought that scolding was a “trigger” for me, until the Top I see scolded me for a wrong-doing. Ever since then, if I can manage it, I try to let the Top know that scolding is a good thing!

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