Turn, Turn, Turn

You just don’t see this kind of behavior from women in the scene. At least, I don’t.

A good many people know that my lovely wife, Sandy, has an alter-ego: Ms. Cassandra. Cassandra is a Top who does her job very well and leaves many a satisfied experience. Watching her at the club playing with different male bottoms, I’ve noticed a pattern of behavior that I had not known about previously. Namely, the strange notion that just because a particular woman is topping someone, there is a line forming on the left.

I understand being needy – it’s annoying but I understand it. You go a long time without a certain think and a craving forms which escalates into a need. However, where did some guys in the scene get the idea that a female top is somehow community property. It’s as annoying as the woman who plays a lot with multiple partners being treated as if she’s someone to be passed around every person who might want to participate. I’ve seen guys watch Ms. Cassandra play and then swoop in like buzzards for their “turn”. Worse are the lingering lurkers who are on the edge of vision, afraid to approach but persistent in being “right there” where they can be sensed. Worst of all are the sulkers who, when told “no” or “sorry”, go off and act like eight year olds complete with sour puss and “evil” glares. I’m always embarrassed for people like this because I wonder if they realize how incredibly childish and stupid they look. I’m guessing they don’t.

Honestly, it all comes down to having some sense of etiquette or propriety. If you want to play with someone then how about acting like a human on occasion and presenting yourself politely and (gasp) having the ability to converse. It’s rude to have a sense of entitlement especially when the thing you want is something that you are not entitled to. Last I checked, the spanking scene is not a charity soup kitchen.


6 Responses to “Turn, Turn, Turn”

  1. It’s flattering, for sure, to get all that attention, but boy, have I had to learn to say no, and sometimes it’s impossible to be gracious.

    I do play quite a bit, and I like to play, but I can’t play all night long, and I’m socializing and being topped as well, usually.

  2. radagast Says:

    sandy: Yes, it’s a terrible burden to be popular – as I’ve learned so many times.

  3. Actually, that makes sense. Or, does not make sense. The whole “line” thing as if Sandy (or whoever) was the Guest of Honor hired in to spank anyone who wants it, as opposed to meeting, talking, and negotiating an individual scene.

    I think women don’t line up, but form a nearby circle of giggling girls who look and talk about how they all want to play with THAT Top… ok, I don’t circle, but I know the feeling of wanting to play (even with someone who is a friend and who I know likes playing with me) yet not being sure how my advances would be received. Makes no sense. Heck, this comment works well with your Untouchables post as well. Some people are very confusing sometimes, or just have their moods and keep you guessing regarding how they feel.

    The nice thing about having an SO is they can stand nearby holding (insert name of menacing implement or weapon here) and glare at clueless/rude people.

  4. radagast Says:

    Women may form a circle but unlike men they don’t feel entitled as if it was “take a number”.

  5. I agree Rad…women definitely do more of what Dolly refers to gathering in a circle. I don’t get the whole line thing…I mean if it was suppose to be a set up for taking turns…but when it is suppose to be just playing it is rude…and the entitlement thing gets old for me..in many areas.

  6. radagast Says:

    bella: You’re right – no one is entitled to anything unless it was set up that way from the beginning. If it’s understood that everyone pays their money and a certain activity comes with the entry fee, then they are entitled. Otherwise, not so much.

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