Thursday Afternoon Bonus Post

Does anyone like or read specifically spanking fiction? Do you prefer professionally published work or amateur stories? Do you write any yourself?

I used to read and write a lot of fiction years and years ago when it was one of my only outlets in this thing of ours. Recently, I’ve found that not only is it difficult for me to crank out a story, it’s even difficult to read stories that I find interesting.

Anyone else have this experience or do you all still enjoy the occasional story?


8 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon Bonus Post”

  1. I started playing in spring of 2001. I’d say the 3 or 4 years prior I read just about any spanking fiction I could find on line. Good stories, bad stories. I think I wrote one up and sent it to a couple of on line friends.

    It was less than a year after coming out that I realized I wasn’t reading stories as much as I had been. I was chatting a lot more, but really not reading. I don’t think I’ve sought out any stories to read in years. I’ve been sent a few by friends, but if i’m going to read, I’ll pic up a book. I’m current slogging thru Cryptonomicon.

    At some point after Joel moved in, I found some stories laying around that I had printed off. I printed them off because I thought they were spectacular, scintilating and just plain hot. I re read them and seriously wondered what I must have been thinking at the time.

    I think they served a need at the time. Now that I am fortunate to be married to Joel, I more than have my spanking need filled.

    My .03 cents.

  2. radagast Says:

    Laura: I’ve always thought that must be a big part of the reason I don’t read anymore – I’m too busy doing. That said, there are occasions when a story will catch my attention especially if it’s unusual in theme or perhaps even somewhat extreme in content.

  3. Hi Rad!

    I think I have a dozen or so fictional stories posted on my blog, but nearly one hundred of the first hand account variety. I am a journalist by training and disposition. As a result, I’ve always felt slightly ill at ease creating original fiction. It’s far easier to simply describe what happened.

    When approaching fiction, I make a conscious effort not to create those classic “whack, whack, whack” tales. There are already too many. I try instead to explore the thoughts, perceptions, and emotions of the characters.

    I have a one act play (The Spanking Booth), A Sci Fi adventure (The Sphere), a captive’s tale (The Jungle), and several more where I strive to stretch the boundaries of the genre. I enjoy writing fiction, but I find it difficult and much more time-consuming that retelling my own spankings.

    As for whether my interest level has changed over time, I’m not certain. Randy and I were spanking enthusiasts long before I started reading stories on Usenet.

    In any case, thanks for an interesting question.

    With warm regards,

  4. radagast Says:

    Bonnie: I completely agree insofar as those “whack, whack, whack” tales go. There are way too many similar ones. I often find it most difficult to write stories about the kind of spankings I enjoy giving, namely, disciplinary ones. Truth be told, I’d rather be engaged in the activity. Most of the fiction I do write tends to include spanking but often as one thing in a wider array of debaucheries.

  5. I definitely don’t read as much spanking stories as I used to, although once in a while I’ll come across a good new story. I tend to go back to tried-and-true old favorites (The Beauty Trilogy, Nine-and-a-Half Weeks, Carrie’s story…).

  6. radagast Says:

    sandy: I’m somewhat fond of Victorian spanking stories where girls are kidnapped and sold to some Bedouin sheik or taken to some villa for “training”. Stuff like that interests me.

  7. Pretty much the same goes for me. I did a lot of reading when I was not doing. Now that I’m more fulfilled on a real life level, my reading is more limited to the really good/intense stuff, things that may still be fantasy instead of reality. I guess I’m calmer about it, knowing that I can arrange play if I need to, or that there will be a party. In fact, if we have to miss one I’m less stressed because I know there will be another one.

    Laura – you are brave! I have the book (Jon read it and passed it on to me), but have been reading easier stuff, like physics texts, Universe in a Nutshell and A Briefer History of time by Hawking…

  8. Before I got into the actual doing of getting spanked, I was a huge fan of many different spanking story websites. There are two I still have memberships to – and one I don’t. The one I don’t was a favorite of mine – but no one there was interested in actually making fantasies reality. They thought I was a bit “nutsy” for going out to Paddles and Shadow Lane and meeting with people “for real”. As a result, I don’t frequent the site anymore, but I do subscribe to the 2 sites that still interest me.

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