The Untouchables

This has nothing to do with hygiene, gangsters, groping or caste systems.

The Untouchables are what I call those people at a spanking party that you deem beyond your reach. They might be celebrities, actors, writers, producers or just plain popular people that you personally would love to play with but feel are at a “different level”. This level may or may not exist in reality but it does in your own mind.

There were lots of these folks when I first got into the spanking scene. Usually, they were the ones that everyone knew or were the ones that were the life of the party. Sometimes they were the ones who had been in a video or two and were, as far as I was concerned, way above my station. I wasn’t resentful but just accepted that they were in one sphere and I was in another. I thought to myself that I must have gotten magnificently lucky to have gotten together with Sandy (who I saw as being on that level).

As time went on and I made more of an effort to make friends and be somewhat of a presence in the scene, I noticed that those people who I had put up on a pedestal were being friendly to me and acting as if they really wanted to know me. Were they coming off their pedestal? Was I rising up on my own? Or was it simply that this separation was a figment of my imagination? I widened my circle of friends and acquaintances until finally the unthinkable happened – I found out that some of the ones I had seen as above me wanted to play with me. With me? Incredible.

It’s amazing and really does touch upon a lot of things I’ve written about in Radspace. We get so conditioned by the “real” world (the one created by the hucksters of advertising) that we begin to accept the lies as truth. Celebrity magazines feed the hype for no other reason than the need to sell magazines. A celebrity actor is no different than the one who walks down the street unnoticed except for the fact that the media has chosen him. In our world, the spanking world, we merely imitate what we know and fool ourselves into believing that certain people are somehow better than us.


2 Responses to “The Untouchables”

  1. Rad – I know where you are coming from…my first ShadowLane party, I saw all the people from videos and websites, and in my mind they were celebrities – I could look at them but not hope to play with them. That changed pretty quickly – in talking with these nice folks, I found out that they are just that – nice folks, who happened to have made some videos or have their own websites. They are friendly, fun, and I did get to play with a few of them.
    Why do we do that to ourselves? And how do we stop ourselves?

  2. radagast Says:

    Susan: I think we do it to ourselves in an attempt to stave off rejection. If you never approach, you’ll never be rejected. And if you set up a hierarchy of people, you’ll even have the asking part taken out of your hands by a preordained rule.

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