Playing Daddy

It’s obviously not for every woman I play with but it resonates with some.

For some people it’s a cute term of endearment. Sandy uses it on occasion when she says stuff like, “You’re a good daddy” or “You’re a mean daddy” – you get the idea. It’s part of the dynamic between us, part of the verbal banter associated with out spanking lives.

For others, the concept of being spanked by a “Daddy” is very strong. He’s not just the disciplinarian but the loving one. The male authority figure in their lives who punishes them not because he’s sadistic but because he cares about them. What’s also missing is some of the underlying sexuality of other types of spanking scenes. It still might turn the participants on but usually not while they are in Daddy/daughter mode.

Obviously, neither person playing really looks at the other as their Daddy or their daughter but the role play gives enough of an escape from reality to fulfill whatever need they have for that sort of interaction.

What does it do for me? The discipline aspect of the scene is very overt which is something that really gets into my head. Also, the connection between me and the person I’m spanking, even if it’s an act, is palpable which gives the entire scene a level of seriousness and depth of emotion that makes it different than other types of spanking scenes.


3 Responses to “Playing Daddy”

  1. Hi, I just read this. I guess I never considered that part of it – that it brings the spanking play out of a sexual realm and more into a disciplinary realm, which, paradoxically, is a turn-on… However, any sexual follow-through doesn’t tend to be part of the discipline, and happens later. Does that make sense?

  2. radagast Says:


    It completely makes sense. Once the play is over – it’s over. Any “turn on” that becomes sex is outside the actual role play of the Daddy/daughter scene and is residual “gravy” for the amorous couple.

  3. this is prob one of your best blogs…b/c I try to over-explain my own daddy fetish so much. You nailed it, succinctly. Especially the fourth and fifth paragraphs…

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