At The Club (Updated)

Another Saturday night and I do have somebody – to go to Paddles with. Sandy and I will be at the TES Spanking Night and I’ll be busy.

The canes I bought at FMS arrived on Thursday after going to the wrong address, back to Florida and finally to my place of business (where I receive all my questionable purchases). I bought them from Canes4Pain and they are spectacular creations – three different lengths, nice feel in the hand and painful. Fantastic. I will be taking all three with me to Paddles and using them to hopefully great effect on the well-spanked bottom of my wife. I plan on paying her some well-deserved attention as we hang with friends and run the freak gauntlet.

We might decide to put on a little show but we’ll see – I don’t want the ass-sniffers and close-proximity gazers to get in our personal space. Luckily, there are cordoned off areas of the club that require the pocket pool players to be at a safe distance.

I will have to take good care of these items because canes are among the few things I can use in the apartment that don’t annoy the asshole that lives downstairs from us. That old bastard hears everything! How come every other old bastard is deaf as a post but this freak has super-hearing?


Sort of a weird night at Paddles. Not too many people showed up for the TES event: A Most Spankable Ass contest. It was canceled in favor of Sandy and me giving a little talk about spanking including a spanking demo administered by me. Ms. Cassandra suddenly showed up and took requests from naughty boys in the audience who were looking to get spanked. Then another couple did a spanking demo which was most excellent.

Later on I gave Sandy 36 strokes of the cane (12 over dress, 12 on panties, 12 on the bare) and a hard strapping with her laying on this rack-like contraption in the side room of Paddles. The rest of my evening was taken up by conversation while Ms. Cassandra once again took care of someone.

Not a rocking night but a laid back one for a change. Not a lot of mutants either – definitely a plus.


6 Responses to “At The Club (Updated)”

  1. As long as you got to play with your wife!

    We headed to the infamous House of Corrections Sat night, and this time Jon made sure we got our own scene. Which was wonderful.

    We feel very lucky to have scene friends both far and near, even if we are greedy enough to wish they were ALL near.

    Our WhypFran cane is no more, but we do have some that seem to work.

  2. radagast Says:

    My only experience at the HoC was with you guys. It was really crowded that night but the hummus was good.

  3. Every since then, the owner has been restricting attendance. Much better now!

  4. Wow – I’m impressed that Sandy took 36 with the cane. The most I ever took was 12 – and I was a baby about them! Kudos to you, Sandy.

    Glad you had a laid back night with not many mutants!

    Loving the blog…

  5. radagast Says:

    The mutants were obviously hibernating…or regrouping. Brrr!

  6. hi Rad and Sandy! I’m glad you are enjoying your canes!
    Dolly, all of my canes have a lifetime guarantee. Did yours break, or was it lost, sold, adopted, or….? Please email me at and hopefully I can take care of that for you.
    kisses all!

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