5 Ways To Improve Your Scene Chat

You’ve come out into the scene but how do you meet people? The best way is to start showing up in chat rooms (like the Shadow Lane chat) and participate. Here are five tips to help make chat a good experience.

1. Use your own picture as your avatar

Nothing makes you more unique in a chat room than letting people see what you look like. Even if you don’t think you’re all that and a bag of chips, you will eventually have to meet people in person so why not let them get used to your look and make the connection between that person they have fun talking to and your face.

2. Be yourself

Unless the chat room is strictly for role play, it’s more likely just a bunch of people hanging out. Rather than coming in as Toppy Top or super sub, just be you. People want to know what you’re all about before even contemplating play so don’t start playing the second you get there.

3. Pay Attention

OK, you’re in chat and you know no one. No problem. Just say your hellos and soon enough people will start asking you where you’re from and other such things. Some might want to know your scene orientation (Top, bottom, Dom, sub, switch, etc.) so give that a little bit of thought before you answer. It can be tough but give it your best shot to answer what’s asked and not accidentally ignore people.

4. Get Involved

Once you get the gist of what’s going on in the room, feel free to join the conversation. Most chats are not exclusive clubs or cliques and most people in those rooms actually love meeting new people – I know I do. More often than not the conversation will not be all spanking all the time so don’t be put off if everyone is talking about food, movies, books or anything else. Eventually it will come back to spanking.

5. Have A Sense Of Humor

I don’t mean be a laugh riot from the get go but always be ready to lighten the mood and to accept the fact that other people will do the same. It’s a spanking chat room not a conference on global warming or nuclear disarmament so try not to be so deathly serious. Know your audience as well. It’s better to play it safe and not come in with a thousand “dick” jokes or other “controversial” statements before you know who you’re speaking with.

Certainly not an extensive list but it’s a start. Good chatting.


4 Responses to “5 Ways To Improve Your Scene Chat”

  1. Good advice, Rad. Very good.

  2. radagast Says:

    All of it is probably obvious but I just wanted to put it in one place.

  3. Now the trick is to get the people who need to read this, to see it. We’ll have to start pointing newbies on SL your way!

  4. radagast Says:

    Good idea. I could use the page views.

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