Seven Words

George Carlin is dead. He was a comedic genius, a humorist and above all a lover of words and what those words can convey. This is not about his “Seven Words” but seven of my own.

As someone who is a visible member of the scene and an advocate of free expression, there are seven words that come to mind in light of some things that are happening in and around our community:

Why Can’t You Just Leave Us Alone?

It is a human trait to want to pursue ones desires whether artistic, scientific or sexual. It is our birthright as living thinking beings to be able to follow our distinct and unique muses to wherever they may lead. I’m not going to qualify that in any way although some might add “as long as you don’t hurt anyone”. There is also a unique trait among some people to deny others whatever it is they don’t particularly agree with. It’s a witchhunt mentality born of fear as well as a self-righteous and self-proclaimed piety that is often not reflected in their own lives. It’s not enough for them to merely hinder other people but it is their obsessive desire to destroy those they view as “the enemy”.

Worst of all are those that feed from this trough for their own gain. The media and other sensationalists train their sites on people they know are innocent for no other reason than to gain readers, listeners or viewers in the hope that in the end their ledgers will show an increase in profit. The lives they destroy mean nothing to them in their worship of Moloch.

Whether it’s people pursuing their desires within the confines of their own lives, authors crafting words, women providing a needed service, gays demanding the rights that their fellow citizens enjoy or video producers filming consensual acts that harm no one, human beings have a right to do as they please without a repressive government or citizenry or media poised to grind them into dust.

All we in the spanking community and the larger community of humanity can do is push back. Whatever it takes and for the sake of ourselves and everyone who just wants to be left alone, we need to push and keep pushing.


6 Responses to “Seven Words”

  1. Well said, Rad.

  2. Great blog today, babe.

  3. Somehow, I knew you’d get a chance to include Carlin in your blog. Great writing.

  4. radagast Says:

    Thanks to all the commenters. I had that anger simmering inside me for a couple of weeks and was finally able to get it out coherently.

  5. Very well put! I have been struggling with what you wrote about a lot!….and it is exactly what I want to say…just leave me alone!

  6. radagast Says:

    I wish that as a society we could just leave each other alone to live our lives.

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