What’s So Bad About A Plain Old Spanking?

Follow me and I’ll be glad to tell you.

OK, I admit I manipulated you with that tease. The answer, of course, is “nothing”. I’ve stated on more than one occasion that I love a good discipline scene; it works for my headspace in a big way and when all is said and done, is my favorite sort of scene. But so what?

The truth is that a scene like that can be mentally tiring because it involves a good deal of concentration if I’m going to be able to get into and maintain a disciplinary persona (I’m sure there are those spankers who have less trouble with it than I do…and I am equally sure they’ll be more than happy to tell you that fact ad nauseum). Also, demanding that every scene be the same sort of thing is not only narrow-minded but pretty damned boring and cuts down on the number of people you can play with.

Sometimes a friendly spanking with no extra level of headspace is all that you can accomplish and all that’s warranted especially when you’re playing with someone for the first time. I’ve had scenes like that and they’ve been just great and have led to other great and more in-depth scenes later on. I’m not saying that there aren’t times when you and someone find common ground from the very beginning – I played with a person at FMS that liked disciplinary scenes and that’s what we did right from the get go. But scenes like that are rarer than most especially as a first ever session.

If a top only likes to play one way with little deviation then that’s up to him or her. On the other hand, a little bit of variety never hurts (only in a good way).


2 Responses to “What’s So Bad About A Plain Old Spanking?”

  1. I am so glad that you started this blog.

    There is nothing wrong with A Plain Old Spanking. You have no idea of how many times I’ve attended a party, and wished that someone would just come and take me by the hand and give me A Plain Old Spanking. Reasons are good…I love to be disciplined for a reason. But A Plain Old Spanking works too! (Especially if someone comes and takes me by the hand or the ear and shoves me in a corner and…)

  2. radagast Says:

    Hey, sometimes the act itself combined with the play partner are enough to make a good scene. Yes, reasons are nice but sometimes just grabbing someone by the hand or the ear…

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