Shapes and Sizes

When it comes to body image, we’re all susceptible to that nagging voice that tells us there’s something about us that makes us less than attractive to society. You can blame the ad industry or your own self-esteem but there are lots of people with these issues. It’s no different in the spanking world and sometimes even worse because of the complete or semi-nudity that goes along with spanking. Women especially have been bludgeoned with this crap for a long, long time and one would hope we’re inching towards a day when it just won’t matter anymore. It’s actually quite heartening to see that older women are now getting their due both in the spanking scene and the vanilla world. About time.

One consolation (and what makes the spanking scene unique) is that you will meet people who are out and out ass freaks. These people love the ass – to smack it, look at it, rub their hands on it, kneed it…OK, I have to move on… I’m drooling. The reality is that even if no one admits it, they are not into spanking, especially traditional OTK or whatever, without it being somewhat about the ass as well as about the smacking of said ass. The beauty of it is that most people who appreciate the ass are more than happy to accept it and the person attached to it no matter the configuration. For example, I’ve spanked women from one end of the size spectrum to the other and each one of their asses was a satisfying experience in that time and place mostly because I was enjoying the entire spanking experience.

Do I have a preference? Full or tight buns are equally good as far as I’m concerned. It’s those bony asses that I have trouble with because nothing wrecks your hand more than literally spanking someone’s pelvis.


2 Responses to “Shapes and Sizes”

  1. Oh My Gosh. Your first paragraph? Awesome! I’m so tired of worrying about how I look. We are bludgeoned with what we are “supposed” to look like – and even the fitness magazines usually have “stick” figures for their models. It’s disheartening to any woman, but especially us “older” gals…well, at least it is to me.

    (Nice to know that you don’t like bony)

  2. radagast Says:

    I think that people are often surprised when they discover that most people have a wider range of “attractive” than the ad industry portrays. Sure, it is disheartening when loudmouthed imbeciles on the radio, on TV or in magazines drool over their own concept of “hot chick”. However, it is important to point out that their loudness or capacity to reach a wide audience does not reflect reality.

    Truth is, the people who buy into that crap are not people you want anywhere near your ass.

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