Real Versus Role Play

I love getting into a character and becoming that character for a short period of time especially when I can play with someone who can do the same.

As a person who likes disciplinary scenes, I can only engage in so many “real” scenarios. If my wife, Sandy, is chronically late for work (this is merely an example…cough-cough), then she gets spanked for a real world reason. If I’ve been asked to take on a disciplinary role in anyone’s life, punishing them for some decided upon reasons and infractions, then that is a real world punishment. I like doing this a lot because it is the most authentic in headspace and atmosphere.

On the other hand, there are people I meet who like disciplinary play who I don’t have any relationship with other than as an acquaintance or, hopefully, friend. Those are the times when I have to put on my actor’s hat and create the scenario which works for both of us. I hope the other person brings some of their own thoughts to the table but I’m very willing to just spank them in a disciplinary manner even if there is no scripted or specific reason (perhaps a very loose one). It may not be the “realest” of scenes but it does provide some of what both people like.

The more elaborate role plays are much harder, of course. If I’m a Teacher/Daddy/Boss/Doctor, etcetera, then I have to be that person. I believe in The Method, that you have to, for a while at least, actually start thinking like the person you’re portraying. It’s not that easy to do and it does require quite a bit of mental preparation but in the end, if it works, it’s a head rush unlike any other. I can only compare it to what I imagine is an out of body experience except that rather than looking down on yourself, you are actually morphing into someone completely different.

Obviously, role play is not for everyone – nothing is. But to a frustrated actor like me, it’s a nice change of pace.


4 Responses to “Real Versus Role Play”

  1. Roleplay is perfect for those of us who are frustrated actors and actresses. I’ve enjoyed doing it, and few do it so well as you.

    As for real life, I’m far too good to need or deserve punishment or discipline for my actions *shines halo* and thus the need for roleplay.

    Except for that whole “submissive” thing.

  2. radagast Says:

    Can any of us really be the arbiters of their own “goodness”?

  3. I think sometimes that I’m a frustrated actress at heart – my fantasies are very elaborate and well thought out. I think it would be lots of fun to lose myself in a roleplay!

  4. radagast Says:

    Susan, I think it’s a lot of fun and can sometimes be a real heady experience. As long as you’re comfortable doing it and don’t feel silly, a fun time can definitely be had.

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