When Headspace Is Not Possible

Headspace is such an important thing for me especially when I’m trying to role play or do a discipline scene. I need to be able to concentrate.

The other night at the party was a perfect example of not quite being able to achieve what I wanted. Simply put, it was too crowded and too noisy for me to get out of my own skin and into disciplinarian mode. It’s not that I need dead quiet or even complete privacy but a party where people are spanking and gathering a few feet in either direction is not a good place to engage in anything other than a truncated version of what I enjoy doing. I can fake it to a degree with some scolding and, of course, spanking but I’m not able to fully get into the scene to both give them the experience they want and to give me the rush that I like.

The Paddles club is similar although there are certain areas where a level of semi-privacy can be achieved. The problem there is that it’s often too damned noisy with loud music to even be able to talk to the person I’m spanking and hear anything back. Again, I can give it my best shot but it’s not the optimal.

The private house parties or parties where people can go off to a separate room or area offer the best potential for achieving a level of headspace – other than a completely private meeting between two people. It becomes very difficult for me otherwise.


2 Responses to “When Headspace Is Not Possible”

  1. I SO agree! My 1st and favorite thing is to meet privately. My second is the kind of party that Wolfie had last summer. My third is SSS. My fourth is Paddles.

    (In my next life I’m coming back as a multi-millionaire, just so that I can host weekly parties at my estate, complete with little cabanas for private scenes!)

  2. radagast Says:

    In my next life I’m going to be a pirate or a benevolent despot. OK, maybe not THAT benevolent.

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