Party Time Tonight (Updated)

Here in NYC we have a nice little group that throws parties named sinnysubspace. It seems a rather odd name considering the fact that half the people who show up are not subs but I digress. It’s a group that grew out of the Northeast Spankos Yahoo! group and was created simply to host parties and provide opportunities for people who are into spanking to play. Other than their parties, the only real spanking related play opportunities are during the OTK Night at Paddles, SCONY parties and the occasional TES event.

I’ve been to the space where the party will be held (a pro dungeon in Soho) but never one of their parties there – it should be interesting and hopefully not too claustrophobic.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to meet and play with new people and I think I will do so tonight. I’ll play with at least one new person tonight and see how that goes.

**Update (06/15/08)**

Well that worked out rather nicely. Not only did I get to play with someone I’d never played with before but I got to play with two people I’d never played with before (one of them a nice little discipline scene). Six scenes including three with Sandy was a lot in such a short amount of time – my back and arm are sore this morning. The space was way too hot and I was sweating bullets any time I exerted myself but all in all a fun evening.


6 Responses to “Party Time Tonight (Updated)”

  1. I am very sore, too, all over. It was hot, but a very good party.

  2. radagast Says:

    The crowd seemed to be having a good time despite the heat.

  3. It was a good party, but next time I’ll wear less clothes just incase it’s hot again…and I don’t mean my bottom…which you heated up fairly well btw 🙂 I felt it the next day!

  4. radagast Says:

    The only way I could have dressed down more was to wear shorts and I didn’t think it would have been classy to go to a party in shorts.

    Glad you enjoyed the spanking although I lost about a gallon of water doing it.

  5. Hopefully it won’t be so humid on July 26th! Sorry I couldn’t be there.

  6. radagast Says:

    The humidity and heat really did sap the energy from me. I’m all for air conditioning in the summertime.

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