Having A Great Scene

There’s nothing better than playing with someone that you immediately click with. I’ve been immeasurably lucky to have met so many people that I enjoy playing with and who enjoy playing with me. Actually, I’m lucky enough to have married one.


2 Responses to “Having A Great Scene”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are lucky, indeed. You have no idea of how lonely it gets to be married to someone who has no interest in what you do or where you go or what you are doing. It’s disheartening. I was open and honest with my husband before we married, and he did try…but spanking just isn’t his thing. I waited 25 1/2 years to “follow my bliss”…and wish that I had done this sooner. Cherish your wife – you are indeed a lucky man (and Sandy is lucky as well!!)

  2. radagast Says:

    You do things when you do them and it doesn’t pay to have regrets about things you can’t change. Enjoy the now.

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