The FMS Tropical Beach Party

The Florida Moonshine party was an incredible event only because the focus of the organizers and the party goers themselves had one aim: To simply have a good time. No pretense, no nonsense, no person or group of people lording it over any other – just a bunch of good folks gathered together to spank and hang with friends. Ian, Tony, Alona and the folks at FMS must have worked their asses off making things run smoothly but that’s exactly how it was. Sure there will little burps and hiccups here and there – for example, Sandy and my room was supposed to have a king bed and had two fulls instead. A word to the front desk and we were given a new room more to our liking for the next two nights. Excellent job by the Tradewinds staff.

The Friday vendors fair was good although we missed half of it because of a late dinner. I bought a nice trio of canes (various lengths and thicknesses) and a small strap from London Tanner suitable for OTK work. The Friday night suite get together, capped off by a midnight pizza party, was a nice way for people to get to know one another (by way of a scavenger hunt game). Saturday saw the Governess Gala, hosted by Patricia and featuring the one and only Ms. Cassandra Park, and the Academy for Naughty Girls Assembly. I didn’t go to either opting to relax instead but I heard both were pretty big successes. The Saturday night banquet had a tropical theme and darn good food. The highlight of the festivities was the Spanking Trivia Contest hosted by Cody and Nisha with yours truly and defending champ Sandy walking away with the title after a hard fought battle. Nice prizes of a set of plastic paddles (lots of sting there) and a trophy. Will it be a three-peat next year?

Sunday was a more laid back day with many people on the way out the door. Sandy and I got to walk along the gorgeous beach and had lunch with Patricia, Gary and Brad at Crabby Bill’s, a fantastic seafood place near the hotel (dare I say it was “phenomenal”?) That evening we watched an awe-inspiring sunset and had a late dinner before going up to party the last night with the people who were left.

One thing that I found incredible was the fact that I did very little play the first couple of days but found myself with four or five different scenes on Sunday evening and night. It’s amazing the way that happens sometimes. Anyway, it was a great time and I thank all the folks who I got to play with (you were all terrific), all the folks who I met for the first time (you are my new friends) and all the friends I got to see again (I cherish every one).

Now I’m not only looking forward to the SL party in Vegas but next years FMS. Gotta love that Florida sun.


2 Responses to “The FMS Tropical Beach Party”

  1. You really make me wish I could go back in time and attend FMS…most definitely 2009!

  2. radagast Says:

    I would recommend it to you and anyone who is into spanking, spanking parties and simply having a great time with very good people.

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