No Immediate Danger

Rumors, rumors, rumors – that’s all we hear these days. Let me alleviate your fears once and for all.

The war is raging in Europe and another in Asia. Mr. Hitler’s Vermacht has rolled over France and the Germans are currenlty sitting in a Parisian cage sipping the best wine. The self-styled Führer has turned his eye on the USSR and Uncle Joe is in for a tough time of it.

Over in the East, the Empire of Japan is currently consolidating its hold over China although the valiant forces of Generals Mao and Chiang-kai-shek are doing their best to bottle them up in that ancient land.

Some say the Japanese are going island hopping with their sites set on that jewel of the Pacific, Hawaii. I’m here to tell you that such speculation is utter nonsense of the highest order. The Japanese have their hands full keeping hold over the mainland territories of their empire and would be foolhardy to attempt to rile the United States as they would be poking a sleeping dragon.

Let me say unequivolcally that the United States of America will gladly sit this one out and allow our cousins across those two vast oceans to fight their own battles. When the sun rises tomorrow, America will be able to breathe the beautiful free air of another day of peace and many more to come.


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